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Combined Military Hospital Jobs in Rawalpindi 2024 – Apply Now

The Combined Military Hospital (CMH) in Rawalpindi is currently accepting applications. They are seeking individuals with exceptional talent to join their team and assist in the provision of exceptional healthcare. This could be the ideal opportunity for you if you are passionate about ensuring that tasks are completed correctly, analyzing information, and maintaining accurate records, and you are interested in making a difference. They have a variety of positions available, so apply today!

Details About Combined Military Hospital Jobs in Rawalpindi:

Job typeFederal Government
Hiring OrganizationCMH
EducationMBA, FA/FS.c, DAE (IT/Computer), MBBS, BSc Data Science
Salary OfferPKR 40,000 – PKR 300,000
AddressCommandant Combine Military Hospital, Rawalpindi Cantt, Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan

Benefits of Combined Military Hospital Jobs in Rawalpindi:

  • Employment Security: CMH positions provide substantial stability and employment security as they are integrated into the military health system.
  • Competitive salaries: CMH employees frequently receive competitive salaries, with regular pay schedules and increments that are determined by their roles and experience.
  • Comprehensive Benefits: CMH employees are entitled to a variety of benefits, such as health insurance, pension plans, accommodation allowances, and transportation allowances.
  • Professional Development: CMH provides a plethora of opportunities for professional development, such as training programs, workshops, and courses, to improve the abilities of medical and administrative personnel.
  • Advanced Medical Facilities: CMH offers access to state-of-the-art medical facilities and equipment, which contribute to a high standard of patient care and medical practice.
  • Work-Life Balance: Military hospitals generally adhere to regulated working hours, which promotes a positive work-life balance. Additionally, employees are granted generous leave policies, which encompass public holidays, medical leave, and annual leave.
  • Prestige and Respect: Service in a military hospital is frequently perceived as prestigious, and employees are held in high regard for their contributions to the health and well-being of military personnel and their families.
  • Retirement Benefits: CMH positions offer competitive retirement benefits, such as pensions and gratuities, which guarantee financial stability upon retirement.
  • Supportive Work Environment: CMH prioritizes employee welfare, professionalism, and collaboration to cultivate a supportive and disciplined work environment.
  • Access to Continuing Education: CMH promotes lifelong learning and provides employees with the opportunity to participate in medical conferences, seminars, and continuing education opportunities to stay informed about the most recent medical developments.
  • Networking Opportunities: Employment at CMH offers the chance to establish professional relationships and advance one’s career by engaging in networking activities with administrative staff, military personnel, and medical professionals.
  • National Service Contribution: CMH employees contribute to the healthcare of military personnel and their families, thereby providing a sense of purpose and fulfillment through service to the nation.

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Jobs positions:

Director (Quality Assurance)

  • Qualifications:
    • A master’s degree in a discipline that is pertinent
    • A minimum of ten years of experience in the field of quality assurance
    • Proven abilities in leadership and management
    • Outstanding interpersonal and communication abilities

Assistant Director (Quality Assurance)

  • Qualifications:
    • A master’s degree in a discipline that is pertinent
    • A minimum of five years of experience in the field of quality assurance
    • Capacity to operate in a team environment
    • Strong analytical and problem-solving abilities

Assistant Director (Quality Control)

  • Qualifications:
    • A bachelor’s degree in a discipline that is pertinent
    • A minimum of five years of experience in the field of quality control
    • With an emphasis on precision, detail-oriented
    • Superb organizational abilities

Data Analyst

  • Qualifications:
    • A bachelor’s degree in a discipline related to data science, statistics, or a related field
    • A minimum of two years of experience in data analysis
    • Expertise in the use of data analysis software and instruments
    • Strong critical thinking and analytical abilities

Document Control Executive

  • Qualifications:
    • A bachelor’s degree in a discipline that is pertinent
    • A minimum of three years of experience in document control
    • Proficient in the use of document management systems
    • An acute sense of detail

Data Entry Operator/Key Punch Operator

  • Qualifications:
    • A high school diploma or an equivalent qualification
    • A minimum of one year of experience in data entry
    • Proficient in the Microsoft Office Suite
    • Accurate coding at a high speed

How to Apply:

The following documents must be submitted in person by hand, along with your comprehensive application:

  • Copies of your domicile certificate
  • Certificates of qualification and experience
  • Two duplicates of your computerized CNIC
  • Two recent passport-sized photographs

For additional details, please reach out to the Combined Military Hospital Rawalpindi at 051-9273423 or 0331-9746700.


Combined Military Hospital Jobs
Combined Military Hospital Jobs
  1. How can I apply for a job at CMH Rawalpindi?

    Job openings usually get advertised on official military and government job portals. You may submit your application both online or in person, as specified in the job advertisement.

  2. What qualifications are required for medical positions at CMH?

    Positions require distinct qualifications. In general, physicians require an MBBS degree and a relevant specialization, nurses require a BSc in Nursing or a diploma in nursing, and technicians require specific certifications associated with their field.

  3. Are there any age restrictions for applying to CMH jobs?

    In particular, positions that entail military enlistment may be subject to age restrictions. Job advertisements generally specify age restrictions.

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