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Latest Elementary And Secondary Education Department AJK Jobs

Applications are being accepted by the Elementary and Secondary Education Department AJK Jobs of Azad and Jammu and Kashmir for the contract position of Junior Clerk (BPS-11). The Daily Dawn newspaper published the announcement. Professions that are dynamic, qualified, and committed are encouraged to register.

Prospective candidates are advised to thoroughly examine the terms and conditions and eligibility requirements that are specified in the advertisement. A total of 67 job openings are currently vacant under the designation of junior clerk (BPS-11). The available positions are allocated among several quotas that correspond to distinct regions, namely Bhimber, Muzaffarabad, Jhelum Valley, Haveli Kahuta, Poonch, Sudhanoti, Kotli, and Kotli.

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Details About Latest Elementary And Secondary Education Department AJK Jobs

About Elementary and Secondary Education Department at AJK

The administrative charge of the educational system in Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) about primary, intermediate, and high schools is vested in the Elementary and Secondary Education Department.

Its principal aim is to guarantee equitable educational opportunities for every child by emphasizing the development of curricula, the training of teachers, the enhancement of infrastructure, and the formulation of educational policies that elevate the standards of education throughout AJK.

Benefits of Elementary And Secondary Education Department AJK Jobs

  • Contribution to Education: Individuals who are employed in the education sector are able to make a meaningful contribution to the growth and enhancement of the educational system in AJK. This platform offers a chance to make a constructive influence on the lives of students and make a positive contribution to the community at large.
  • Stability of Employment: Government positions, including those in the education sector, frequently offer a level of job security and stability. As an advantage of government employment, personnel may be eligible for regular compensation, pensions, and additional privileges.
  • Salary and Benefits: In general, the Elementary and Secondary Education Department provides employees with competitive compensation and benefits. These may consist of health insurance, retirement programs, and additional stipends; they provide employees with financial security.
  • Opportunities for Professional Development: Numerous academic establishments place a high value on fostering the professional growth of their personnel. In pursuit of skill development and awareness of current educational trends, training programs, workshops, and seminars might be accessible to educators and administrators.
  • Career Progression: Opportunities for career advancement are frequently present within the education sector. As an educator accumulates experience and expertise, they may be presented with the opportunity to assume leadership positions, including that of a school administrator or environmental supervisor.
  • Vacation and Holiday Allowances: Similar to numerous government positions, education sector jobs frequently provide generous vacation and holiday allowances. Having time for leisure and relaxation can help maintain a healthy work-life balance.
  • Contribution to the Community: Employment in the field of education enables people to positively influence the immediate community. Educated individuals make significant contributions to the advancement of society as a whole, and education department employees are instrumental in facilitating this process.
  • Job Satisfaction: Numerous individuals derive job satisfaction from assisting pupils in their development and progress. Teachers and professionals in the field of education may find it personally gratifying to observe the development and achievement of their pupils.
  • Sense of Purpose: Education-related employment frequently offers individuals a sense of purpose and satisfaction by contributing to the overarching objective of constructing a proficient and knowledgeable populace. Employees might perceive their work as having significance and a positive influence on society.
  • Collaborative Environment: The establishment of educational institutions and schools cultivates a collaborative atmosphere. Staff and instructors frequently collaborate to foster a positive learning environment for pupils, thereby contributing to a satisfying and encouraging workplace environment.

Open Positions:

  • Junior Clerk

Educational Qualifications:

  • Completion of graduation.

Diploma Requirement:

  • 6-month computer diploma.


  • Proficiency with a minimum typing speed of 25 words per minute in both Urdu and English.

Age Criteria:

  • 18-40 Years

How to Apply for Elementary And Secondary Education Department AJK Jobs

Applicants may submit their applications electronically via the following link:

More Info

  1. What is elementary and secondary education in Pakistan?

    Primary education in Pakistan is five years in duration and runs from grades one through five. Secondary education includes the middle stage, which lasts for 3 years (ages 10–12) through Grades 6–8, followed by the lower secondary stage (ages 13–14), which lasts for 2 years through Grades 9–10.

  2. What is the difference between elementary and secondary students?

    Elementary education, or primary education, is usually thought of as grades kindergarten through grade five or six. Secondary education, or high school, usually includes grades five, six, or twelve.

  3. What is an elementary school in Pakistan? 

    The elementary education system in Pakistan consists of three levels: early childhood, primary, and middle. Early childhood classes, known as Katchi, include one year of age (3–4). Primary education comprises grades 1–5 until the age of 9 years.

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