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Lead Programmer Engineer Jobs in UK 2024 – Visa Sponsorship

Technology is utilized by JLR to make driving more intelligent, secure, and environmentally friendly. By contributing to the development of ethical and sustainable automobiles, you can revolutionize the driving experience for future generations. Our objective is to leverage the vast capabilities of technology to develop automobiles that not only offer an exceptional, comprehensive digital encounter but also enhance the quality of life for our clientele.

Body Chassis Engineering (BCE) constitutes a sizable division within the Product Development division of JLR. The department assumes exclusive accountability for the conceptualization and advancement of every Jaguar and Land Rover exterior and interior system, from inception to mass production.

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Details of Lead Programmer Engineer Jobs in UK:

Job Title:Lead Programmer Engineer Jobs in UK – Visa Sponsorship
Job Type:Full-Time
Salary:£46,800 – £58,000 / year
Experience:4 Year
Qualification:Associate Degree
Career Level:Executive
Country:United Kingdom

Benefits of Lead Programmer Engineer Jobs:

  • Leadership Opportunities: Lead program engineers are typically responsible for overseeing and coordinating complex engineering projects. This role offers opportunities to demonstrate leadership skills, manage teams effectively, and drive project success.
  • Challenging Work: Lead program engineers are often tasked with managing large-scale projects that involve intricate technical challenges. This can provide intellectual stimulation and opportunities for professional growth.
  • Variety in Responsibilities: Lead program engineers have diverse responsibilities, including project planning, budgeting, scheduling, resource allocation, risk management, and stakeholder communication. This variety keeps the role interesting and allows for the development of a broad skill set.
  • Career Advancement: Holding a leadership position such as Lead Program Engineer can open doors to further career advancement within the engineering field. Successful performance in this role can lead to opportunities for promotion to higher-level management positions.
  • Financial Rewards: Lead program engineers typically earn competitive salaries commensurate with their level of responsibility and expertise. Additionally, bonuses or performance-based incentives may be available for successful project completion.
  • Professional Development: Employers often invest in the professional development of lead program engineers by providing training, workshops, and educational opportunities to enhance their skills and knowledge.
  • Job Security: Lead Program Engineers are in demand across various industries, including construction, manufacturing, aerospace, and technology. Their specialized expertise and leadership abilities make them valuable assets to organizations, providing job security in the long term.
  • Global Opportunities: Lead program engineers may have the opportunity to work on international projects or collaborate with teams from different countries. This can offer exposure to diverse cultures, work practices, and engineering standards.
  • Contribution to Innovation: Lead Program Engineers often play a key role in driving innovation within their organizations. By leading research and development initiatives, implementing new technologies, and improving processes, they contribute to organizational growth and competitiveness.
  • Impactful Work: Lead Program Engineers have the satisfaction of seeing their projects come to fruition and making a tangible impact on the world around them. Whether they’re developing new products, designing infrastructure, or solving complex engineering challenges, their work leaves a lasting legacy.

What to Expect

You will be an integral member of the BCE Body Test Operations (BTO) group in this dynamic new role. BTO is responsible for the planning and management of physical test properties to assist our internal engineering clients with the development and legal approval of subsystem testing.

In this department, you will have the opportunity to serve as the Programme Lead Engineer for the forthcoming iterations of JLR products. You will be entrusted with the exclusive responsibility and authority to oversee the life-cycle planning and administration of the necessary physical test properties.

The post of Body Test Operations Programme Lead involves four major phases:

  • Define – Consolidate all client requirements into an optimal strategy that strikes a balance between Cost, Timing, and Quality. Compile the necessary Bill of Materials (BOMs) based on an in-depth knowledge of the vehicle structure and each test.
  • Integrate and Procure – Load and validate the BoM system to ensure that requirements align with the budget. To assure delivery success, align your strategy with the construction and delivery environments.
  • Collaboration with property build teams, delivery of properties to test regions, and monitoring and supporting testing are all components of Build & Deliver.
  • Closeout – Oversee the conclusion of all testing and then oversee the decommissioning of all properties.

What You’ll Need

Knowledge, Skill, and Experience

We expect the selected candidate to have prior experience in project management and a track record of delivering results, given that this is a leadership position. You must have the ability to examine CAD assemblies to comprehend the three tiers of system architectures, in addition to having a practical knowledge of the Bill of Materials.

Regarding communication, we expect exceptional proficiency in coordinating efforts across functional lines and effectively conveying intricate data and information through both written and verbal means.


  • Proficient in computers and have demonstrated solid experience using Microsoft Excel to analyze and manage massive datasets.
  • Capability to comprehend system, subsystem, and sub-subsystem structures by probing CAD assemblies and trees.
  • Exhibits comprehension of invoices of materials.
  • Prior program management experience accompanied by a proven track record of completion.
  • Knowledge of the development testing process.

Existing JLR employees at the same grade level as this position should be aware that lateral movement does not result in salary increases. The promotion compensation offer will be determined by several factors, including the external market value of the position, your distinctive expertise and experience, and the size and capabilities required for the function.

It is important to note that in the event of a successful application for a position in a foreign country, you will be hired as an external candidate subject to the prevailing local terms and conditions, as opposed to transferring under your present terms.

This position, according to JLR, satisfies the requirements for a Skilled Worker Visa. As a result, JLR will assist with a visa sponsorship application.

How To Apply For Lead Programmer Engineer Jobs in UK?

If you wish to enroll, please visit the link provided.

More Info

  1. Can a foreign engineer work in the UK?

    For a UK business to bring in overseas engineering and manufacturing professionals, they must first meet specific eligibility criteria set by the UKVI (UK Visas and Immigration): The organization must be genuine, operational, and lawfully trading within the UK.

  2. How do I become a lead engineer?

    Educational qualifications include a bachelor’s degree in engineering and a specialization in the company’s industry. You hone your skills as a junior engineer before gaining enough experience to advance your career to a lead engineer position

  3. Is the UK a good place for engineers? 

    There are many different types of engineering jobs available in the UK, so there is sure to be a position that is a good fit for your skills and experience.

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