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Mobile Service Fitter Jobs in UK 2024 – Visa Sponsorship

Guarantee that all plants operate efficiently and effectively daily, and that plant outage is minimized on the premises. To conduct professional, high-quality repairs and maintenance on the plant.

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Details of Mobile Service Fitter Jobs in UK:

Job Title:Mobile Service Fitter Jobs in UK 2024 – Visa Sponsorship
Job Type:Full-Time
Salary:£28,000 – £38,000 / year
Experience:3 Year
Career Level:Others
Country:United Kindom

Company Overview:

Coinford is a concrete frame and groundworks specialist who has completed projects in London and the South East of England that range from £1 million to £50 million. This position is located at our headquarters, Redeham Hall.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Guarantee a secure work environment for the responsibilities that have been delegated.
  • Wear the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) for the task.
  • Guarantee that requirements for site safety are adhered to.
  • If plants are deemed hazardous for human consumption, they should be quarantined.
  • Adhere to the laws and regulations of the United Kingdom’s highways.
  • Adhere to RAMS for mobile fitters.
  • Oversee the management of COSHH systems and substances.


  • Improve the quality of service at our sites by maintaining consistent communication with the Breakdown Supervisor. 
  • Guarantee that the work is finished promptly. 
  • Inform the site management of any malfunctions. 
  • Act as an ambassador for the brand and represent it professionally. 
  • Give priority to attention to detail to provide the best possible service. 
  • ·Ensure that a positive working relationship is maintained on the site. 
  • Offer plant repairs and services that are both high-quality and competent. 
  • · Guarantee that the plant is appropriate for its intended use. 
  • Inform the Breakdown Supervisor of potential recurring issues. 
  • Guarantee that tablet tasks are executed in a timely and precise manner. 
  • Collaborate with the Breakdown Supervisor to guarantee that the essential components are accessible for daily tasks. 
  • Inform the Breakdown Supervisor immediately of any neglect or misuse of the plant. 
  • Strong problem-solving skills and self-motivation. 
  • Guarantee that FORS regulations are adhered to. 
  • Please notify the FORS Manager of any road traffic incidents.


  • Reduce the amount of time that devices are unavailable. 
  • Guarantee repairs that are reasonably priced. 
  • Provide site managers and foremen with advice on the plant’s efficient and effective operation.

The post holder will be required to complete any tasks reasonably anticipated within the scope of their role, as the aforementioned list of work responsibilities is not exhaustive.

Experience/Skills Required:

  • NVQ certification in facility maintenance.
  • CSCS certification.
  • Product and botanical expertise.
  • Nonoperative qualifications for the CPCS/NPORS.
  • Capacity for effective communication.
  • A team member who is capable of operating independently with minimal supervision.


  • A GCSE or equivalent qualification in English and mathematics is required.

Benefits of Mobile Service Fitter Jobs:

  • Job Variety: The work is kept engaging and prevents monotony by presenting a variety of challenges and duties each day.
  • High Demand: The demand for skilled fitters is high in a variety of industries, such as construction, agriculture, mining, and transportation, which has resulted in excellent job security.
  • Competitive Salary: Mobile service technicians frequently receive competitive salaries, which are indicative of the specialized skills and expertise necessary for the position.
  • Flexibility: These positions frequently provide the opportunity to work in various locations and have flexible working hours, which contributes to a diverse work environment.
  • Autonomy: Mobile service technicians frequently operate independently, which enables them to exercise a greater degree of autonomy and accountability in the execution of their responsibilities.
  • Skill Development: The position offers ongoing opportunities to acquire and refine new technical skills, ensuring that one is informed about the most recent technology and equipment.
  • Problem-Solving: The position entails the immediate diagnosis and resolution of issues, which can be intellectually stimulating and gratifying for individuals who derive pleasure from the process of problem-solving.
  • Travel Opportunities: Mobile service fitters are capable of working in a variety of environments and locations, which may be appealing to individuals who derive pleasure from their work.
  • Job Satisfaction: A profound sense of accomplishment and job satisfaction can be achieved by effectively repairing and maintaining equipment that is essential to operations.
  • Networking: The capacity to establish a diverse network of professional contacts is facilitated by the opportunity to work for a variety of customers and on different sites.
  • Physical Activity: The position is physically demanding, which may prove advantageous for individuals who prefer to work on their feet rather than at a desk.
  • Essential Role: Mobile service fitters are responsible for the efficient operation of apparatus and equipment, which is why their work is highly regarded and appreciated.
  • Contribution to the Economy: Fitters contribute to the overall productivity and profitability of businesses by maintaining and repairing equipment, which reduces downtime and improves efficiency.
  • Diverse Industries: The abilities of mobile service engineers are applicable to a variety of industries, thereby offering a wide range of career prospects.
  • Health and Safety: To guarantee a secure work environment, numerous employers provide training in health and safety practices.
  • Career Advancement: Mobile service technicians may progress to supervisory or managerial roles through additional training and experience.
  • Immediate Impact: Fitters can observe the immediate outcomes of their work, which can be highly rewarding, as they can diagnose and resolve issues on-site.
  • Equipment Familiarity: The ability to work with a diverse array of apparatus increases one’s understanding and proficiency with various types of equipment, thereby expanding one’s career opportunities.
  • Environmental Impact: The efficient operation of machines and the reduction of emissions can be achieved through the proper maintenance and repair of equipment.
  • Job Stability: The continuous demand for skilled fitters is facilitated by the essential nature of the work, particularly in industries that rely significantly on machinery.


  • Driving Licence (preferred)
  • Work Location: In-person

How To Apply For Mobile Service Fitter Jobs in UK?

Should you be interested in this position, please visit the link provided below.

More Info

  1. What is the job description for a mobile fitter?

    I am responsible for servicing, repairing, and ensuring statutory compliance for heavy plant equipment. Investigating, diagnosing, and repairing machine faults. Carrying out pre- and post-hire checks. I am responsible for the development and maintenance of working relationships with customers.

  2. What is the average salary for plant fitters in the UK?

    The average plant fitter salary in the United Kingdom is £31,000 per year or £15.90 per hour. Entry-level positions start at £27,292 per year, while most experienced workers make up to £40,000 per year.

  3. Is fitness in demand?

    Mechanical fitters have been in high demand for several years, and the pressure for more skilled professionals in this field is expected to grow across various industries.

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