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Safeguarding Children Nurse Jobs in UK 2024 – Visa Sponsorship

Approximately 10,000 personnel at our trust attend to 1.6 million patients. Barnet Hospital, Chase Farm Hospital, the Royal Free Hospital, and more than thirty community services are included. This expanded organization provides us with an unparalleled opportunity to further our innovative endeavors, specifically in the exploration of strategies to deliver superior patient care.

Our objective is to deliver clinical services that are of the highest quality and incorporate world-class teaching and research. To achieve this, we will consistently evaluate our performance about our five guiding principles: outstanding results, exceptional satisfaction of patients and staff, optimal value for taxpayer funds, safety and adherence to external responsibilities, and establishment of a robust organizational structure.

All are cordially invited to visit the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust. We continue to introduce new initiatives to promote gender equality, wellness, staff caregivers, LGBT+ individuals, and people with disabilities, and to foster amicable relations and mutual understanding among our staff. We are proud of our diversity.

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Details of Safeguarding Children Nurse Jobs in UK:

Job Title:Safeguarding Children Nurse Jobs in UK – Visa Sponsorship
Job Type:Full-Time
Salary:£49,200 – £55,500 / year
Experience:3 Year
Qualification:Associate Degree
Career Level:Executive
Country:United Kingdom

Benefits of Safeguarding Children Nurse Jobs:

  • Safeguarding vulnerable people: Protection of minors The protection of vulnerable infants from harm, abuse, and neglect is an essential function of nurses. The chance to positively influence the lives of young individuals and this sense of purpose can be extraordinarily rewarding.
  • Advocacy and Assistance: These nurses fulfill the role of children’s advocates, ensuring that their concerns are acknowledged and addressed throughout the healthcare system and beyond. They extend assistance to children and families who are confronted with difficult situations, providing compassion, direction, and resources.
  • Interdisciplinary Partnership: To address the complex requirements of families and children who are at risk, safeguarding nurses collaborate near a multidisciplinary team comprising healthcare professionals, social workers, law enforcement officials, educators, and community organizations. By adopting a collaborative approach, professional development is facilitated, networking prospects are enhanced, and knowledge is shared.
  • Preventative Medical Care: Through the identification of risk factors, the promotion of healthy behaviors, and the implementation of preventive healthcare interventions, nurses make a valuable contribution to the well-being of families and children by decreasing the probability of unfavorable outcomes.
  • Specialized Knowledge and Training: Specialized training in child protection, child development, trauma-informed care, and other pertinent domains is provided to safeguarding child nurses. Their specialized knowledge and abilities enable them to evaluate, intervene, and provide assistance to children and families experiencing adversity.
  • Constant Development and Learning: Ensuring the well-being of children through nursing entails remaining informed about the most recent policies, guidelines, research discoveries, and optimal approaches to child welfare and safeguarding. This dedication to ongoing education guarantees that nurses maintain their knowledge and skills in their respective professions.
  • Compassionate Resilience: Protection of Minors To mitigate the emotional difficulties that arise from working with children who have been subjected to abuse or trauma, nurses cultivate emotional resilience and devise coping mechanisms. To uphold their overall welfare, they are granted access to counseling services, support from colleagues, and supervision.
  • Career Advancement: The field of child protection nursing presents prospects for professional growth and areas of expertise. Advanced degrees, certifications, or leadership positions in child protection, public health, or healthcare administration are all options available to nurses.
  • Life-Work Balance: Despite the emotionally taxing nature of the work performed by safeguarding children nurses, numerous healthcare settings provide conducive work environments, part-time employment opportunities, and flexible schedules to encourage a healthy work-life balance.
  • Satisfaction at Work: Notwithstanding the obstacles encountered, safeguarding children nurses frequently express considerable job satisfaction attributable to the significant relationships they establish with families and children, the favorable results they contribute to attaining, and the sense of gratification derived from their professional endeavors.

Job Description and Primary Responsibilities:

Kindly peruse the enclosed job description for further particulars regarding this role and employment at the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust.


Essential criteria

  • Indication of active engagement in the Safeguarding Children practice, as demonstrated through attendance at case conferences and strategy discussions and referrals.
  • Instances of interagency and multidisciplinary cooperation in safeguarding instances
  • Proficiency in conducting clinical audits and evaluations
  • Indications of Supporting and Facilitating Change in Practice
  • Proficient in the development and implementation of child protection protocols within a hospital or community setting.
  • Acquire experience in child protection supervision.

Desirable requirements.

  • Documentation of experience designing and implementing educational programs
  • Proficient in the provision of child protection supervision.
  • Demonstrating experience in advocating for the Organization within a multidisciplinary setting.


Essential criteria

  • exhibited capability of upholding the Trust Values.
  • Professional Credentials and Education

Essential Criteria:

  • BSC or equivalent; Registered Nurse/Registered Sick Children’s Nurse/SCPHN (Health Visiting); or pursuing
  • Equivalent to 997/Mentorship & Preceptor Ship Module
  • Indicators of Persistent and Applicable Development
  • Proficiency and understanding of foundational laws and regulations that support the safeguarding of children profession.
  • Adherence to infant protection protocols and methodologies.
  • A comprehension of professional accountability with regard to the protection of juveniles
  • Equivalent to ENB 998 Teaching and Assessment in Clinical Practice

Skills and Aptitudes

Essential criteria

  • Outstanding written and verbal communication.
  • Outstanding interpersonal abilities.
  • Communication and pedagogical abilities
  • IT literate, with proficiency in PowerPoint and Microsoft Word.
  • Organizational abilities, including the ability to set priorities and meet deadlines when necessary.
  • Proficient bargaining abilities
  • Capacity to inspire and support self-reflection.
  • Capacity to motivate, inspire, and assist practitioners in their efforts to transform their field.
  • Effective problem-solving abilities
  • Proficient in contesting inadequate conduct and resolving conflicts
  • Capability to serve as a consistent point of reference for employees regarding child protection concerns.
  • Indicators of Leadership Attributes
  • Capacity to employ appropriate language in accordance with specific circumstances.
  • Capability of fostering constructive relationships among team members.
  • Capacity for proactive personal behavior.
  • The capacity to instruct both students and parents.

COVID-19 Vaccination

Vaccination and supplemental shots continue to be the most effective means of protection against COVID-19.
When eligible, we encourage and assist personnel in obtaining the COVID-19 vaccine and a booster dose.

Apprenticeship Training (AT*). The notation AT* next to the work title indicates that the position in question is an apprenticeship.

By submitting your application for this position, you acknowledge that in the event of your employment transitioning within the NHS, your personal information may be transferred from the Trust to another NHS organization. This aligns with the NHS’s streamlining strategy, which during a career transition is intended to increase efficiencies and save you time. Consequently, we require that you complete your e-learning courses in statistics and management prior to joining our organization.

Visas are necessary for EU/EEA nationals lacking EU Settlement or Pre-Settled status to gain employment in the UK.

Applicants seeking employment in the United Kingdom who require sponsorship are encouraged to apply and will be evaluated in the same manner as all other candidates. Prior to finalizing your application, kindly verify your eligibility using the UKVI points-based system.

Upon being offered employment with an NLPSS partner trust, TrustID, an authorized identity verification service provider, will conduct a remote verification of your identification and work authorization documents. In addition to photographing the required documents, you will be required to capture a “selfie” using your smartphone or tablet (if available) to facilitate facial recognition. Additionally, TrustID will conduct a gentle inquiry regarding your digital address through the utilization of Trunarrative and Equifax. This inquiry will not affect your credit score.

More Info

Personal information is gathered by the Trust via computerized new starter documents available on Trac. The gathered data is stored in a secure manner and is employed in the construction of the employee profile within the ESR HR system.

When the position entails regulated activities, a DBS check will be conducted by the Trust. The Trust adheres to the regulations set forth by the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act and the Disclosure and Barring Service Code of Practice.

By submitting your application for this position, you authorize the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust to transfer your details to the applicant management system of their choosing. Your information will be entered into the national NHS Electronic Staff Records system should you receive an employment offer.

We will never request payment and will only correspond with you via the email addresses @recruit.trac.jobs to protect you from fraudsters.

Those interested in splitting the workload or working flexible hours are encouraged to apply. A commitment to equal opportunity is ours.

Please take note:

The substantial volume of applications received for particular positions may result in the closure of this vacancy before the designated closing date. I kindly request that you submit your application for this position without delay, should you be interested and satisfy the criteria outlined in the Person Specification.

For this position, only applicants who can satisfactorily illustrate how they satisfy the personal criterion will be taken into consideration.

Interview arrangements will be communicated through email; therefore, after the deadline, kindly check your inbox periodically.

Kindly be advised that as a result of the exceedingly high demand, all Royal Free accommodations are currently at capacity and waiting lists have been established. A twelve-month waiting period is the norm. Upon commencing your position, please do not depend on Trust accommodations; instead, consider alternative arrangements for your arrival.

How To Apply For Safeguarding Children Nurse Jobs in UK?

If you wish to enroll, please visit the link provided.

More Info

  1. What is a named nurse for safeguarding?

    The Designated Nurse for Safeguarding Children provides safeguarding, child protection expertise, and leadership throughout health and multi-agency partnerships. The role is pivotal to complex case management, improved partnership working, strategic planning, quality assurance, and performance monitoring.

  2. What qualities do you need to be a safeguarding nurse?

    Able to demonstrate critical thinking skills. Evidence of experience in safeguarding children, practice processes, and working with complex child protection issues. ability to prioritize workloads and meet deadlines. Evidence of participation in governance, including undertaking audits and reviews.

  3. What is the role of safeguarding in the NHS?

    Ensure the safety and wellbeing of anyone who has been subjected to abuse or neglect. Take action against those responsible for abuse or neglect taking place. Learn lessons and make changes that could prevent similar abuse or neglect from happening to other people (e.g., through learning and development programs for staff).

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