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Admissions Operations Manager Jobs in UK 2024 – Apply Now

The Admissions Operations Manager will oversee a group tasked with evaluating and processing a substantial volume of applications for undergraduate, postgraduate teaching, and postgraduate research positions, as well as those from both domestic and international sources.

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Details of Admissions Operations Manager Jobs in UK:

Job Title:Admissions Operations Manager Jobs in UK
Job Type:Full-Time
Salary:£37.00 – £43.00 / Hourly
Experience:5 Year
Qualification:Bachelor Degree
Career Level:Manager
Country:United Kingdom

Benefits of Admissions Operations Manager Jobs:

  • Strategic Execution and Planning: The responsibility of admissions operations managers is to formulate and execute strategic plans to achieve enrollment objectives. To attract and retain qualified students, this requires analyzing data, identifying trends, and developing effective recruitment and admissions strategies.
  • Administration and Team Leadership: You will frequently function as the head of a group of admissions specialists, supervising their daily operations, offering direction and assistance, and ensuring the department’s objectives are fulfilled. This provides an opportunity for the development of managerial and leadership abilities.
  • Enhancement of Processes and Efficiency: The responsibility of admissions operations managers is to enhance the efficacy and effectiveness of admissions processes through optimization. This may entail optimizing application processes, integrating technological advancements, and pinpointing opportunities for enhancement to elevate the overall admissions experience for both candidates and personnel.
  • Analysis and Reporting of Data: Admissions Operations Managers assess enrollment projections, applicant demographics, and admissions trends to develop data-driven strategies and inform organizational decision-making. The analytical component of this position facilitates ongoing enhancement and well-informed decision-making.
  • Cooperation Between Departments: To facilitate a smooth transition for admitted students, admissions operations managers frequently hold collaborative relationships with various departments within the institution, including academic affairs, student services, and financial aid. By adopting this collaborative approach, a cohesive and supportive campus environment is created.
  • Opportunities for professional development: Opportunities for professional development are available to those who work in admissions operations; these include participation in seminars and conferences, as well as the pursuit of certifications about enrollment management and admissions.
  • Repercussions for Institutional Success: The efforts of admissions operations managers have a direct bearing on the institution’s overall success and reputation. Through proficiently overseeing admissions procedures and fulfilling enrollment objectives, they make a positive contribution to the organization’s financial stability and scholarly distinction.
  • Diverse Duties and Obligations: Admissions operations managers are entrusted with a wide array of duties, which encompass enrollment planning, financial aid coordination, recruitment, application evaluation, and admissions decision-making. This diversity contributes to the role’s appeal and facilitates professional advancement.
  • Maintaining Job Stability: Positions as admissions operations managers generally provide employment stability, particularly in academic institutions that experience a steady influx of students. This stability affords long-term career prospects and ease of mind.
  • Contribution to the Success of Students: Admissions operations managers ultimately have a significant impact on the composition of the student body and the facilitation of opportunities for individuals from disparate backgrounds to pursue higher education. Their efforts contribute to the success of students and the achievement of the missions and objectives of the institution.


You will be responsible for the daily operations of the Admissions section, including the creation and maintenance of transparent and fair processing protocols and procedures for large-scale decisions. You will collaborate with academic departments and professional services to guarantee the delivery of the admissions service while keeping abreast of external trends in the admissions market for higher education. Particular aspects of admissions policy or initiatives, including the fee assessment procedure and fee status appeals, will fall under your primary jurisdiction.

About The Role:

The role of the admissions operations manager entails close collaboration with the other admissions operations manager, leadership of a 25-person admissions team, and line management of two to three direct reports. You will have the ability to effectively communicate, oversee and enhance performance, and motivate a sizable staff.

You will have demonstrated an understanding of the UCAS system and the procedures and principles that underpin a transparent and equitable admissions process. In addition, you will be inspired to be inventive and try new things as you evaluate business procedures in an ongoing effort to find methods to improve.

Applicants who demonstrate a strong commitment to and enthusiasm for equality, diversity, and inclusion, in addition to the vision, values, and objectives of the University of Greenwich, are encouraged to submit their applications.

Additional Information:

For an informal dialogue concerning the position, kindly reach out to Lucy Burrowes, Deputy Head of Admissions, via email at l.g.burrowes@greenwich.ac.uk.

Please contact the People Directorate Operations Team at peopleoperationsMER@gre.ac.uk with any recruitment inquiries.

Additional details regarding our remarkable benefits and offerings are available on this page: Our benefits—what we offer—employment opportunities and information regarding the University of Greenwich’s guiding principles—are as follows: Guidelines and working principles | Documents | The University of Greenwich.

Please visit the openings page of the University of Greenwich and complete all required fields, including the supporting statements, to apply. Present job openings in Greenwich

This position is eligible for sponsorship through the Points-Based System for a Skilled Worker Route application of the United Kingdom Government.

We are in search of individuals who share our values and can assist us in achieving our goal of transforming lives through innovative instruction and research.

Our organization is committed to cultivating a robust and varied labor force that mirrors the characteristics of the communities we operate in. Particularly encouraged to submit are applications from [protected characteristic(s)], an underrepresented group at the University of Greenwich in these levels and disciplines at present.

This is achieved through the promotion of applications from individuals who identify as black, Asian, minority ethnic, disabled, or LGBT+. As part of our dedication to equality, diversity, and inclusion, we support and promote the mental and physical health of all staff members and eliminate barriers to inclusion via the Time to Change Employer Pledge/Mentally Healthy Universities program.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to disclose any prior experiences they may have had with mental health issues. This will enable us to provide comprehensive support throughout the recruitment process and implement any necessary modifications. All provided information shall be treated as confidential and kept separate from the job application form.

Solid advancements are being achieved in comprehending and perpetually enhancing the experiences of our personnel, and we remain committed to executing progressive diversity talent management.

How To Apply For Admissions Operations Manager Jobs in UK?

If you wish to enroll, please visit the link provided.

More Info

  1. How much do entry-level operations managers make in London?

    The average operations manager salary in the United Kingdom is £46,423 per year or £23.81 per hour. Entry-level positions start at £37,343 per year, while most experienced workers make up to £69,938 per year.

  2. What is the role of an international operations manager?

    Supervising and monitoring the implementation of corporate, financial, procurement, and HR policies and systems, and ensuring adequate training of staff and project personnel on these issues.

  3. What are the qualifications for an operations manager?

    Bachelor’s degree in operations management or a related field. Experience in management, operations, and leadership. Understanding of general finance and budgeting, including profit and loss, balance sheet, and cash flow management.

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