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Army Public Schools APS Jobs in Rawalpindi 2024 – Apply Now

The advertisement for APS Rawalpindi Jobs, which is for positions at the Army Public Schools and Colleges System Secretariat in Rawalpindi, is described in detail on this page. The careers page at contains comprehensive details. Applicants who are interested in APS employment are encouraged to do so. As an employer committed to equal opportunity, the APSACS Secretariat accepts applications from both men and women.

Proficient and driven individuals are being sought after by the APSACS Secretariat in order to occupy vacant Subject Specialist Chemistry and Software Developer positions.

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Here, specific qualifications for the most recent jobs in Rawalpindi will be outlined:

Details About Army Public Schools APS Jobs in Rawalpindi

About APS and CS:

The Army Public Schools and Colleges System (APSACS) is an educational framework comprising colleges and universities that are operated by the Pakistan Army. Its purpose is to ensure that both the offspring of military personnel and civilians have access to a quality education.

APSACS maintains an all-encompassing approach to education by providing a varied curriculum, stimulating extracurricular pursuits, and a supportive atmosphere. These establishments are renowned for their rigorous academic programs and adherence to regulations, which have made substantial contributions to the educational milieu of Pakistan.

Benefits of Army Public Schools APS Jobs in Rawalpindi

  • Job Security: Job security is frequently an advantage of employment at an institution affiliated with the army, as the stability and continuity that are hallmarks of military-run organizations contribute to this perception.
  • Competitive Salaries: Army Public Schools generally provide employees with competitive salary contracts, in addition to potential perks and allowances.
  • Professional Development Opportunities: APS frequently allocates resources towards providing opportunities for the professional growth and advancement of its personnel. Educators and administrative personnel might be granted access to seminars, training programs, and additional avenues for skill and knowledge development.
  • Ensuring a Quality Working Environment: APSs strive to uphold a structured and disciplined workplace, cultivating an atmosphere of professionalism and organization.
  • Access to Educational Resources: Employees in APSs may be granted access to a variety of technological infrastructure, libraries, laboratories, and educational resources, which may augment their capacity to execute their responsibilities efficiently.
  • Health and Insurance Benefits: Health and insurance advantages are frequently offered by numerous APSs to their personnel, thereby guaranteeing the provision of necessary medical attention.
  • Contributing to Education: Working in an educational institution provides individuals with the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to the academic and personal growth of students, thereby significantly influencing the trajectory of the next generation.
  • Community and Networking: Pursuing employment in an APS could potentially facilitate networking opportunities within the academic and military communities, thereby expanding prospects for future endeavors.
  • Aid to Families of Martyrs (AFOM) Program: The Aid to Families of Martyrs (AFOM) Program is an initiative in which certain APSs engage to provide assistance to the families of military personnel who have died in the course of duty.
  • Uniform Allowance: Depending on their position, certain personnel may be eligible to receive a uniform allowance, which serves to enhance the staff’s professional demeanor.

Open Positions:

  • Software Developer
  • Subjects Specialist Chemistry

Qualification Requirements:

M. Ph.D., M.S., or Bachelor’s degree in a pertinent field from a HEC-accredited institution.

Experience Requirements:

  • 3 to 8 years of pertinent experience, as specified in the advertisement

How to Apply for Army Public Schools APS Jobs in Rawalpindi

  • Interested educators should submit their applications at or via the link supplied.
  • Alternatively, applicants may submit their curriculum vitae to via email.

More Info

APS Jobs in Rawalpindi

  1. Is APS a co-education?

    It was firmly inaugurated on April 29, 1981, and started functioning under the administrative control of the Army Education Directorate with six classes and less than 200 co-education students on its roll. It was gradually raised to matriculation by adding one class each subsequent year.

  2. Is APS a public school? 

    Abbottabad Public School (APS) is Pakistan’s first public school, with a rich heritage and traditions.

  3. How can I get admission to the Army Public School in Rawalpindi? 

    Candidates are required to pass all the subjects with 65% qualifying marks to compete for merit. After the test, a waiting list is mentioned in order of merit, which is valid up to the next test. Admission to F.Sc. (first-year) classes is granted as per the policy approved each year by the President Executive Committee.

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