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Department of Agriculture Punjab Jobs 2024 – Apply Now

The Punjab Agriculture Department is providing employees with opportunities. Apply for Agriculture Department roles in Punjab if you’re in the province of Punjab. The Asian Development Bank (ADB) finances the “Command Area Development of Greater Thal Canal” initiative. The relevant division will engage new personnel on a contract basis.

Candidates with a Matric, Inter, Bachelor’s, or Master’s degree can apply online for these positions. Apply online at for Agriculture Department jobs. The Agriculture Department will hire qualified, knowledgeable, and vivacious Punjabi candidates. The Agriculture Department already has set salaries, benefits, and compensation packages for advertised positions. The project site will appoint the chosen candidates.

Details of Department of Agriculture Punjab Jobs

SourceDaily Jhang/Express Newspaper
Total Jobs300+
BPS1 to 18
SalaryNot Fixed
QualificationMiddle, Inter, and Bachelor
Apply ModeOnline

Benefits of Department of Agriculture Punjab Jobs

  • Food Manufacturing: Agricultural occupations are essential to the production of food. Agriculture entails the cultivation of crops and the rearing of livestock, which are essential for supporting the world’s population. Without agricultural employment, food would be scarce, resulting in hunger and malnutrition.
  • Financial Stability: Agriculture contributes significantly to the economies of numerous nations. It employs millions of individuals and generates revenue through the sale of agricultural products. Stable agricultural sectors can facilitate economic stability in nations.
  • Rural Advancement: Agriculture jobs are frequently found in rural locations and play a vital role in rural development. They create employment opportunities in these areas, reduce rural-to-urban migration, and contribute to the overall development of rural communities.
  • Environmental Management: Numerous agricultural occupations emphasize environmentally responsible and sustainable practices. Farmers and agricultural laborers frequently engage in efforts to conserve soil, water, and biodiversity. Sustainable agricultural practices contribute to the preservation of the planet for future generations.
  • Innovation and Engineering: Agriculture has incorporated technology and innovation, resulting in increased efficiency and productivity. Precision agriculture, drones, and genetic engineering are some of the cutting-edge technologies that can be utilized in agriculture-related employment.
  • Diverse Job Possibilities: Agriculture provides a wide range of career opportunities. It comprises farming, agronomy, horticulture, animal husbandry, research, and agribusiness positions, among others. This diversity enables individuals to select professions that align with their interests and talents.
  • Food Safety: Employment in agriculture is essential for assuring food security. During times of crisis, such as natural disasters or pandemics, a consistent and reliable food supply is essential.
  • Global Impact: Agriculture is a global industry, and agriculture employment can positively influence global issues such as hunger, poverty, and climate change. Sharing agricultural innovations and knowledge across borders can enhance food production and sustainability on a global scale.
  • Value Cultural and Traditional: Frequently, agriculture plays a crucial role in the preservation of cultural and traditional practices. It can aid in maintaining a connection to heritage and livelihoods based on heritage.
  • Wellness and Nutrition: Agriculture employment contributes to the availability of nutritious and diverse cuisines. Producing fruits, vegetables, grains, and livestock products, all of which are essential to a healthy diet, is the responsibility of workers in this industry.
  • Resistance to stress: Those who work in agriculture must be able to adapt to altering weather patterns, market conditions, and other obstacles. This helps develop valuable problem-solving and resilience skills that are applicable to many aspects of life.

Application Form

The Punjab Agriculture Department has begun recruiting for both gazette and non-gazette positions. The Daily Jhang and Express Newspaper have published Agriculture Department job announcements. A candidate may apply for multiple positions with the Agriculture Development Punjab. The application form for the Punjab Agriculture Department position is identical. Remember that the Department of Agriculture does not administer written exams but instead conducts interviews for shortlisting candidates.

Apply Online for Department of Agriculture Punjab Jobs

Online applications are being accepted for the following positions: Assistant, Assistant Agricultural Engineer, Accounts Officer, Agriculture Officer, Beldar, Computer Operator, Chowkidar, Junior Clerk, Field Assistant, Contract Management Specialist, Procurement Specialist, Deputy Director, Sweeper, Vehicle Driver, Helper, Vehicle Driver Attendant, Rodman, Water Management Officer, and Water Management Supervisor.

How to Apply for Department of Agriculture Punjab Jobs

Applying online for agriculture jobs is uncomplicated and straightforward. The department in question is accepting online employment applications at Create an account in order to complete the application forms for the aforementioned positions. In 2024, candidates are anticipated to apply online for Punjab government positions.

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Mehkma Zarat Jobs Punjab

The Directorate General of Agriculture (Water Management, Punjab, Lahore/field offices) is soliciting applications from qualified candidates residing in Punjab for contract positions under the project titled “Readiness Financing (PRF)”. Click here to download the advertisement and application form. Vacancies in the Agriculture Commission Click the Download Advertisement link provided.

Agriculture Jobs Lahore

The Directorate General of Agriculture (Water Management), Punjab, Lahore/field offices invite applications from eligible candidates residing in Punjab for recruitment of non-gazetted posts on a contract basis under the Asian Development Bank (ADB)-funded project titled “Command Area Development of Greater Thal Canal (CAD-GTC) (Phase-II). To download the advertisement, use the link provided.

Online Apply For Department of Agriculture Punjab Jobs

Eligible candidates residing in Punjab are invited to apply for gazetted posts on a contract basis under the Asian Development Bank (ADB)-funded project titled “Command Area Development of Greater Thal Canal (CAD-GTC) (Phase-II)” at the Directorate General of Agriculture (Water Management, Punjab, Lahore/field offices). Download the advertisement and application form by clicking here.

More Info

Candidates who are interested can obtain downloadable job postings for the Agriculture Department. The advertisement includes comprehensive details such as job availability, remuneration, and contract duration. The General Director of Agriculture and Water Management is monitoring new recruitment. Dear applicants, we have provided complete information regarding Agriculture Department Jobs.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How can I become an agriculture officer in Punjab?

    Candidates with BSc (Agriculture) degrees can apply online for PPSC ADO at the official website Punjab PSC ADO Recruitment Application Form is available from 9th December.

  2. Which degree is best for an agriculture officer?

    The Government of India holds an annual examination to choose candidates for the position of Agricultural Field Officer. The eligibility criteria for appearing in this examination is a Bachelor’s degree in relevant fields like Agriculture, Veterinary Science, Animal Science, and Horticulture.

  3. What is the status of agriculture in Punjab?

    The Punjab state has a total geographical area of 5.03 million hectares, out of which 4.20 million hectares are under cultivation (about 83%). The cropping intensity in Punjab is 189%. Agriculture is a way of life. More than 65% of its population depends directly on agriculture.

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