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Ehsaas Kafalat Program – Check Online

Ehsaas Kafalat Initiative Check your registration for the 8171 Ehsaas Kafalat program for Rs. 12,000 every three months online. Ex-Prime Minister Imran Khan, Chairman of the PTI, has increased its Rs 14000 donation.

Verify your eligibility on the EHSAS Kafalat website. Simply visit the ehsaas website at This Ehsaas Kifalat program enables women with no or a very modest monthly income to receive Rs 2,000 in cash every month.

Ehsas Kafalat Initiative Check CNIC to transmit an SMS to the ehsaas 8171 number; in a few minutes, you will receive a confirmation message on your contact number. If you have received an SMS from a registered member, you must bring your authentic CNIC and visit your district office.

BISP PASS introduced the 8171 portal for complaints regarding Cash and others; visit the ehsaas tracking site at for any problem you encounter. Fill out the ehsaas kafalat application form with your 14-digit CNIC, card number, and mobile number to complete the complaint process.

The government of Pakistan’s Ehsaas Kafalaat Program was an excellent initiative for the impoverished, destitute women, and unemployed. Ex-PM Imran Khan has initiated numerous Ehsaas programs, such as the Ehsaas Sehat Card, the Ehsaas ration card, the Ehsaas Kafalaat, the langar khana, the panah gah, etc., to alleviate the suffering of impoverished Pakistanis. Dr. Sania Nishtar is in charge of all cash and BISP programs. PASS Federal Minister Shazia Marri is responsible for directing these programs.

Ch. Pervaiz Elahi, president of PML (Q) and chief minister of Punjab, has reinstated and increased the ehsas kafalat program from Rs 12,000 to Rs 14,000. Recently Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif implemented these ehsas initiatives, in which BISP Sasta Petrol Diesel costs Rs 2,000 per month.

Ehsaas cash transfers into the accounts of the recipients Go to the HBL bank and use the biometric system to withdraw money from the ATM.

The following are ways to receive money:

  • Ehsaas Kafalat focuses on
  • Banks HBL and in each province separately permitted
  • Ehsaas stores with Benazir income support registrations

How To Check Ehsaas Kafalat Program Money from Home

The NSER survey introduced the official method for checking the cash in your bank account via the portal. Your bank account balance of Rs 14,000 is viewable at home. When completing the AHSAAS NSER form, the farm number of the beneficiary is displayed in the upper left corner, above the QR code. Now follow the procedures below.

  • Open the official 8171 website:
  • Input the form number into the first field of the form.
  • Avoid entering the CNIC number.
  • Enter the cell number now.
  • Complete the captcha area depicted in the image.
  • Press Enter to continue.

Money totaling Rs 14,000 or Rs 12,000 can be seen in your account. If it does not work for you, please contact the numbers listed below.

How Can I Register For Ehsaas Kafalat Program?

Ehsaas kafalaat Nadra Gov has a few stages for determining eligibility.

  • Input your 14-digit CNIC in the SMS section.
  • Could it be sent to 8171?
  • Following SMS confirmation, you will be able to receive funds.
  • Additionally, you receive an Ehsaas tracking number.
  • If ineligible, visit a nearby BISP office with your authentic identification card.

PM Shahbaz Sharif intended to launch the Rs 200,000 New Ehsaas Kafaalat Program. The Federal Government and the relevant BISP team are establishing the criteria for those who will receive Rs 200,000 in cash. There are rumors that the government will provide entrepreneurs with Rs. 200,000 to establish their own businesses. Is it accurate that the Ehsas Kafalat program costs 200,000 rupees? After one month, NSER BISP and the Minister will approve it.

The government will conduct a dynamic registry survey in which those in need who were not eligible for the previous ehsaas kafaalat cash will be eligible for the ahsaas cash from the BISP programs. Verify the ehsaas kafalat nadra gov pk registration form.

How To Withdraw Ehsaas Kafalat Program Money from Bank

Here, we examine the cash withdrawal procedures of two banks utilizing biometric technology. In December of last year, the beneficiaries received funds.

Beneficiaries enrolled in the NSER at or the Benazir Income Support Program at will visit the nearest HBL Bank ATM branch.

If HBL bank ATMs are malfunctioning and you are unable to withdraw cash, visit the Alfalah Bank ATM and withdraw your money there.

HBL +92 021 111 000 425

Bank Alfalah +92 042 111 225 224

Easy Steps Withdraw Money Through ATM HBL/Alfalah Bank

  • Go to the nearest HBL/ALfalah Bank ATM machine.
  • Hit the Enter key.
  • Choose either Urdu or English.
  • Choose the Ehsaas Kafalaat ATM Program option.
  • Input the 13-digit CNIC number of the recipient.
  • Place your thumb correctly and wait for your fingerprint to appear.
  • Now enter a minimum of Rs 11,000.
  • BISP will withdraw it from your account if you have cashed.

Ehsaas Kafalat Registration Districts Centers List Updated

The NSER Nadra Survey administers programs in 158 Pakistani districts. All of the centers listed on the website, including city, site, and address,

Follow the Procedure to find the Ehsaas Kafalat Office in your city.

  • If you are eligible for any EHSAS program but have not registered, you are ineligible.
  • Or you are eligible but not receiving Ehsas Cash.
  • Simply access the given link below.
  • Choose your district from the selection below.
  • Below are displayed the names and addresses of the websites.
  • Simply visit the location with your original CNIC.

Latest New Ehsaas Program Started by NSER BISP

The federal government will launch a new Ehsas program for low-salaried and low-income individuals. The government dubbed this program the Mazdor Card Program.

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Who is eligible for a Mazdor Card?

This new ehsaas Mazdoor Card is available to workers whose monthly income is less than Rs 25000.

What will be the benefits of the Mazdor card?

People who are eligible and enrolled in the New EHSAS Program can receive financial assistance in the following situations:

  • Student talent awards for the offspring of the beneficiary
  • Marriage subsidy
  • Death pension
  • Regarding a medical issue
  • I became ill.
  • Iddat M. Muafza
  • Pregnancy benefit (Zachgi Muafza)
  • Expense allowance

BISP Ehsaas Program Contact Details

Head Quarter Exchange Number BISP 051-9246326

Call Center Number: 0800-26477

More Info

Cash Handlers:

Mr. Noah Rehman

  • 105 
  • 9246320 


  • DIRECTOR (Policy/Coordination)
  •  225 
  • 9246004 


  • Director (Field Operations)
  • 220 
  • 9246352


  • Director (Enrollment and Grievances Redressal)
  • 168 
  • 9246422 

Contact Details: Conditional Cash Transfers (NSER)


  •  106 
  • 9246382 


  • 119
  •  9246325 

Regional Offices in Punjab

Mr. Bilal Majeed

  • Director General (Punjab)
  •  042-35219118 
  • 48-L Model Town (Extension), Lahore

Mr. Sagheer Ahmad Mirani

  • Director (HQs), Punjab
  •  042-35219178 
  • 48-L Model Town (Extension), Lahore

Mr. Sagheer Ahmad Mirani

  • Divisional Director, Lahore
  • 042-35219179
  • 48-L Model Town (Extension), Lahore

Mr. Amin Ahmad

  • Divisional Director, Bahawalpur
  • 062-2882560 
  • House No. 7/B, Umar Shaheed Road, Model Town A, Ahmadpur Road, Bahawalpur

Mr. Zafar Kamal

  • Divisional Director Sahiwal
  • 040-4221414 
  • House No. 561/1, Police Line Road, Sahiwal

Mr. Muqaddas Tanveer Cheema

  • (Add. Charge) Divisional Director Sargodha
  • 048-3210079 
  • House No.178, Chatha Town, Sharif Garden Road, Near Qenchi Moar, Sargodha

Mr. Zaffar Kamal

  • (Add. Charge) Divisional Director, DG Khan
  • 064-2461412 
  • House No. 439, Near Imam Bargah, Shah Sikandar Road, Dera Ghazi Khan

Mr. Mirza Muhammad Nawaz

  • Division Director, Rawalpindi
  • 051-9281132 
  • House No. 805, St. No. 1, Chaklala Scheme III, Rawalpindi

Mr. Muqaddas Tanveer Cheema

  • Division Director, Gujranwala
  • 055-9330672
  • Street No. 1, Mian Zia ul Haq Road, Civil Lines, Gujranwala

Mr. Muqarrab Mukhtar

  • Division Director, Faisalabad
  •  041-2421309
  • P-695, Batala Colony, near Rabia Trust Hospital, Faisalabad

Mr. Zafar Kamal

  • (Add. Charge) Divisional Director Multan
  • 061-9330600, 061-6774200 230
  • Tughlaq Town, Near Bus Stand, Multan

Regional Offices in Balochistan

Engr. Muhammad Awaz Baloch

  • Acting Director General
  • 081-2870156/7 
  • House No. 450/175 B, Haji Sardar Muhammad Tahir Street, Jinnah Town Quetta

Mr. Manzoor Ahmed

  • Director HQ 
  • 081-2870156/7 
  • House No. 450/175 B, Haji Sardar Muhammad Tahir Street, Jinnah Town Quetta

Engr. Muhammad Awaz Baloch

  • Divisional Director, Quetta
  •  081-2444433 
  • Arbab Karam Khan Road, opposite Killi Sheikhan School, Quetta.

Engr. Muhammad Awaz Baloch

  • Add. Charge Divisional Director Rakshan
  • 0847-510822 
  • Divisional Office, Secretariat Road, near DC Office, District Kharan.

Mr. Muhammad Yousuf Ali Rodeni

  • Divisional Director Kalat
  • 0853-610264 
  • Near Afzal Petroleum, Awandan Road, Aslam Colony, Tehsil Uthal District, Lasbela

Mr. Ghulam Shah

  • Divisional Director Makran
  • 0852-414064
  • Commissioner Road, Near Park Hotel, District Kech

Mr. Zahoor Ahmed Marri

  • Divisional Director Sibi
  • 0833-500195/6 
  • Silachi Marhi, Sohbat Sarai Road, District Sibi

Mr. Muhammad Khan Khosa

  • Divisional Director Naseeraad
  • 0838-710085
  • BISP Divisional Office, Near Civil Hospital Ward No. 4, Dera Murad Jamalii, District Naseerabad

Mr. Syed Waheed Ullah Shah

  • Divisional Director Zhob
  • 0824-411066 
  • House No. 1993, Garden Town Levis Line, District Loralai

Regional Offices in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa/FATA

Mr.Irfan Aman Yusufzai

  • Director General, KPK/FATA
  •  091-9331791
  • House # D-12, Sector D-1, Phase-1, opposite Tatara Park, Hayatabad, Peshawar

 Mr.Rasheed Noor 

  • Director HQ 
  • 091-5815421
  • House # D-12, Sector D-1, Phase-1, opposite Tatara Park, Hayatabad, Peshawar

Mr. Zia Ur Rehman

  • Dy Director (Operations)
  • 091-5817775 
  • House # D-12, Sector D-1, Phase-1, opposite Tatara Park, Hayatabad, Peshawar

 Mr.Hassan Afridi 

  • Dy Director (WeT)
  • 091-5816007 
  • House # D-12, Sector D-1, Phase-1, opposite Tatara Park, Hayatabad, Peshawar

Mr. Jan Bahadar

  • Divisional Director, Peshawar
  • 091-9331649 
  • H #, 06, Rehman Lane, opposite NADRA Mega Center, Tehkal Payan Jamrud Road, Peshawar

Mr. Sher Daraz

  • Divisional Director Bannu
  •  0928-633204 
  • House No. 282/A, Phase 1, Bannu Township

 Mr.Nawab Gul 

  • Divisional Director Malakand
  • 0932-411028 
  • Opposite GPO: Markaz Abad, Batkhela, District Malakand

 Mr.Farooq Sultan 

  • Divisional Director Kohat
  • 0922-513113 
  • House No. 93, Phase-2B2, Near Masjid Muhammad KDA, Kohat

 Ms.Saima Bibi 

  • Divisional Director Hazara
  • 0992-341260
  • H#57, Street #17, PMA Kakul Road, Shahzaman Colony, Abbottabad

Mr. Muzaffar Ali Barki

  • Divisional Director, DI Khan
  • 0966-732634
  • Kokab Colony, opposite Kanz College, West Circular Road, DI Khan

Mr. Abdul Jalil Khan

  • Divisional Director Mardan
  • 0937-840075
  • Opposite GPO, Markaz Abad, Batkhela, District Malakand

Regional Office in AJK

Mr.Raja Kaleem Ullah Khan

  • Regional Director (AJ&K)
  • 05822-924111 
  • Near Bilal Masjid, Lower Chatter, Muzaffarabad, AJ&K

Mr. Raja Ghazanfar Ali

  • Dy. Director, (HQ) AJ&K
  • 05822-924111 
  • Near Bilal Masjid, Lower Chatter, Muzaffarabad, AJK.

Mr. Saeed Ahmed Shawl

  • Divisional Dy. Director, Muzaffarabad
  • 05822-924132 
  • Near Bilal Masjid, Lower Chatter, Muzaffarabad, AJK.

Mr. Raja Muhammad Ayaz Khan

  • Divisional Dy. Director, Mirpur
  •  05827-924111 
  • House No. 80, Sector F-2, Near Gulzar-e-Habib Mosque, Mirpur, AJK

Ms. Sanam Nazir Khan

  • Divisional Dy. Director (Current Charge), Poonch
  •  05824-920033
  • Near UBL Bank Road, Rawalakot, AJK.

Regional Office in Gilgit, Baltistan

Engr. Mumtaz Hussain

  • Regional Director, GB
  • 05811-920980 Off. 05811-920983-Fax
  • BISP Regional Directorate opposes GB Assembly Jutial Gilgit.

 Mr.Bilal Hussain 

  • Dy Director HQ
  • 05811-922681 Off. 05811-920983-Fax
  • BISP Regional Directorate opposes GB Assembly Jutial Gilgit.

Dr. Ali Murad Khan

  • Dy Director Gilgit
  • 05811-920984 Off. 05811-920985 Fax
  • BISP Regional Directorate opposes GB Assembly Jutial Gilgit.

Mr.Wazir Israr Haider

  • Dy Director Skardu
  • 05811-920117 Off. 05811-920116 Fax
  • Muhib Road, near Aga Hadi Chowk Skardu.

Regional Offices in Sindh

Dr. Samar Raza Talpur

  • Zonal Director, General Sindh
  • 021-99333067-57 
  • Central Zonal Office, House No. B39, Block 11, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Near Audit and Accounts Complex, NIPA Karachi

 Shafquat Ali 

  • Coordination Officer 
  • 021-99333067-57
  • Central Zonal Office, House No. B39, Block 11, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Near Audit and Accounts Complex, NIPA Karachi

Mr. Riaz Ahmed Soomro

  • Zonal Director North, Sukkur, or Larkana
  • 071-9310033 071-9310884 (fax) 0300-3132549
  • Bungalow #64, Yousef Masjid, near Punjab College, Shikarpur Road, Sukkur

Mr. Jameel Ahmed Shaikh

  • Zonal Director South, Nawabshah, Mirpurkhas, and Hyderabad
  • 0244-9370360, 0244-9370360 (fax)
  • House No. 53-54, Sarfaraz Shah Colony, near Excise and Taxation Office Nawabshah Shaheed Benazirabad

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How do I know if I qualify for the Ehsaas Kafalat program?

    Ehsaas Kafalat Program Eligibility
    Check your eligibility by sending your CNIC via SMS to 8171.
    If you are eligible, you will receive a confirmation message.
    Visit your nearest NADRA office for biometric verification.
    Once your biometric verification is complete, you will start receiving the monthly stipend of Rs.

  2. How do I check my EHSAS online?

    To check your eligibility for Ehsaas Tracking 8171, you can perform an 8171 Check Online CNIC by typing your CNIC in the message box and sending it to 8171.

  3. How do I proceed with the Ehsaas program?

    To complete their Ehsaas program registration, one needs to SMS their Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) number to 8171, a service that has just been activated to ensure a transparent mechanism. The sender will shortly receive a reply regarding their eligibility for the Ehsaas Emergency Cash initiative.

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