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Family Support Worker Jobs in UK 2024 – Visa Sponsorship

You will provide families, children, and adolescents with services that are both timely and suitable. Put simply, your actions will positively influence the lives of others. There are several compelling opportunities for family workers to become members of our family safeguarding teams. We welcome your application if you are seeking a collaborative and dynamic working environment that fosters camaraderie and empowerment among social workers and other professionals striving to effect meaningful change for the most vulnerable.

In Berkshire, England, the local government for Bracknell Forest is known as Bracknell Forest Council. The council office of this unitary authority is situated in the heart of the vibrant town center. Excellent transportation connections, including the M4, M3, and M25, and the adjacent South Western Railway, enable you to commute to work with ease and provide complimentary parking. We also offer hybrid work arrangements, in which employees divide their time between the office and their residence.

The ‘Family Safeguarding Paradigm’ is a nationally recognized practice paradigm utilized by Bracknell Forest Council. A recent Ofsted inspection revealed that the service’s social work model facilitates regular, deliberate multi-agency group supervision for social workers. The exchange of information and viewpoints among professionals ensures that all parties have a comprehensive understanding of the family situation, its development, and the obstacles that hinder families from implementing the required changes. This assessment guides subsequent casework and interventions.

By adopting a relational approach in all that we do, the Council places “you and your family” as its top priority, maintains manageable caseloads, and employs more than 80% of permanent staff.

Our approach is founded on motivational interviewing and is central to the integrated family safeguarding model: collaborating with families to keep them together when it is safe to do so. By empowering families, children, and youth, parents are enabled to make positive adjustments that benefit both themselves and their offspring. Consequently, parents are motivated to acknowledge the necessary modifications that must occur within their households to guarantee improved results for their offspring.

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Details of Family Support Worker Jobs in UK:

Job Title:Family Support Worker Jobs in UK 2024 – Visa Sponsorship
Job Type:Full-Time
Salary:£29,500 – £34,700/ year
Experience:2 Year
Qualification:Associate Degree
Career Level:Executive
Country:United Kingdom

What is it like to work in our team?

We recognize that interactions with families and children are often enjoyable but also challenging. You will have access to a comprehensive learning and development program directed by a dedicated principal social worker to promote consistent, high-quality work. Peer support, resilience groups, wellness days and events, and group supervision will be incorporated into your schedule.

Our rating from Ofsted is “outstanding.”

“They have consistently ensured the provision of high-quality social work practice in a manner that positively impacts the experiences of children.”

Social workers and other frontline practitioners benefit from reasonable caseloads, adequate training, and reflective and effective supervision that keeps children at the center of decision-making, according to the findings of the inspectors.

By collaborating with our teams of seasoned social workers and family workers, you will receive support from specialists in mental health, substance abuse, and domestic violence. This will guarantee that our families are not subjected to protracted waiting periods for essential services. Everything is readily available and serves as the foundation for the planning and efforts to mitigate risks, foster family resilience, and empower families to more effectively provide for their children’s requirements. Additionally, all parties are granted access to family group conferences and engage in mediation with families. These resources aid in the decision-making process and facilitate the attainment of outcomes that are optimal for the children’s welfare.

We conduct collaborative efforts with neighborhood voluntary organizations and statutory partners to deliver exceptional early intervention services. Facilitating families’ access to these services and support is an additional component of our daily morale objective, which is to inspire families to entrust their care for their children with confidence and security.

Our workers tell us:

  • A supportive and amiable leadership and management team is present.
  • Positive peer support is actively encouraged among all teams, and collaborative problem-solving is highly valued.
  • They are esteemed and their development is given precedence.
  • Regularly, reflective supervision of the highest caliber is provided.

Our principal objective as we progress in our COVID recovery endeavor is to ensure that our personnel thrive by establishing a solid physical and psychological groundwork that promotes safety and productivity.

You will receive support to perform the following duties, responsibilities, and training.

  • You will assist in the provision of family and child services, including interventions and parenting programs.
  • You will oversee, coordinate, and facilitate family time for children in your care and their families.
  • You will work in conjunction with adult workers and other specialists as a member of a multidisciplinary team.
  • A cohort of children in need who have not been the subject of child protection investigations will fall under your supervision.
  • By participating in the team duty system, you will assist social workers with time-sensitive responsibilities.
  • By efficiently managing your time and setting priorities, you will ensure that all tasks, including visits and report writing, are completed punctually.
  • You will be able to collaborate with your supervisor to develop unambiguous objectives and tactics for both individual and group case supervision.
  • You will make a valuable contribution to the education and growth of others.

We are pleased to present you with stimulating and demanding prospects that will enable you to further develop your expertise and understanding while also making valuable contributions to the continuous improvement of the support and services we offer.

Benefits of Family Support Worker Jobs:

  • Making a Difference: Family support workers have the opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of families facing challenges. Helping families navigate difficult situations and providing support can be immensely rewarding.
  • Building Relationships: Developing strong and supportive relationships with families is a fundamental aspect of this role. Family support workers often become trusted allies for families in times of need.
  • Holistic Support: These professionals often address a range of needs, including emotional, social, financial, and educational. This holistic approach allows family support workers to assist families in various aspects of their lives.
  • Advocacy: Family support workers advocate on behalf of families to ensure they receive the services and resources they need. This advocacy can contribute to positive outcomes for families within the community.
  • Preventive Services: Family support workers often engage in preventive services, working to address issues before they escalate. This proactive approach can help strengthen families and prevent crises.
  • Community Engagement: Family support workers are typically involved in community outreach and engagement. This involvement allows them to connect families with local resources and build a network of support within the community.
  • Skill Building: Supporting families often involves helping them develop skills to improve their overall well-being. This can include parenting skills, budgeting, job-seeking, and other practical life skills.
  • Diversity of Responsibilities: Family Support Workers may work with families facing a wide range of challenges, ensuring that the job remains diverse and dynamic. This variety can make the work interesting and fulfilling.
  • Professional Development: Many organizations that employ family support workers provide opportunities for professional development. This may include training programs, workshops, and continuing education to enhance their skills and knowledge.
  • Collaboration with Other Professionals: Family Support Workers often collaborate with other professionals, such as social workers, educators, healthcare providers, and counselors. This interdisciplinary collaboration allows for a comprehensive approach to supporting families.
  • Flexible Work Environment: Depending on the organization, family support workers may have flexibility in their work schedules. This flexibility can be beneficial for achieving a work-life balance.
  • Personal Fulfillment: Helping families overcome challenges and witnessing positive changes can be personally fulfilling. Family support workers often find satisfaction in knowing they have played a role in improving the lives of others.

What we are looking for:

We have been informed by the children and youth with whom we collaborate that they desire our staff to:

  • Exhibit personability, enthusiasm, and amusement.
  • Engage in active listening, demonstrate respect, and meet all deadlines.
  • Remain punctual, approachable, and true to your word.

Thus, you will possess aptitude, enthusiasm, and dependability. You will demonstrate a commitment to enhancing children’s outcomes and exhibit traits of organization and proficiency in effectively engaging families.

Major developmental milestones, infant safety, and the life cycle will be thoroughly understood. You will also have a profound understanding of what is most effective for families and children, in addition to a strong drive to learn and advance in your field.

Equal opportunities:

Bracknell Forest Council: An Advocate for Gender Parity. Applications from all sectors of the community are strongly encouraged.

How to Apply For Family Support Worker Jobs in UK?

Please apply via the provided online application link. Kindly note that resumes submitted without a duly completed online application will not be considered for placement.

More Info

  1. What qualifications do you need to be a family support worker in the UK?

    You can apply for family support worker jobs if you have:
    experience working with children, young people, or families.
    a minimum of a level 3 qualification in childcare, social work, social care, counseling, youth work, or education.

  2. How much do family support workers make in the UK?

    The average family support worker salary in the United Kingdom is £25,878 per year or £13.27 per hour. Entry-level positions start at £22,817 per year, while most experienced workers make up to £36,982 per year.

  3. Are support workers in demand in the UK?

    Support workers are in demand in the UK due to the rapidly aging population. There is already a shortage of support workers.

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