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Federal Medical College Healthcare Jobs in Islamabad 2024

The Ministry of National Health Services, Regulations & Coordination, which oversees the Federal Medical College Healthcare Jobs (FMC) in Islamabad, is seeking qualified candidates for a variety of positions, including Assistant Librarian, Statistical Officer, Protocol Officer, and Assistant Warden Girls Hostel (Female). These positions will be available on a contract basis for one year or until regular appointments are made, whichever occurs first. This is an exceptional opportunity for individuals who are interested in becoming a member of the Federal Medical College team.

Details About Federal Medical College Healthcare Jobs in Islamabad:

Hiring OrganizationMinistry of National Health
Job LocationIslamabad, Pakistan
Education RequirementsRelevant
NewspaperExpress. Jang
AddressFederal Medical College (FMC) G-8/4 G 8/4 G-8, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory, Pakistan

Benefits of Federal Medical College Healthcare Jobs in Islamabad:

  • Professional Prestige: Membership in a reputable institution such as the Federal Medical College enhances one’s professional reputation and offers a prestigious platform for career advancement.
  • Employment Stability: In comparison to private sector positions, government healthcare positions generally provide greater employment security, including pension plans, comprehensive benefits, and stable salaries.
  • Competitive Compensation: FMC frequently offers competitive salaries and benefits packages, which may include health insurance, retirement programs, and other financial incentives.
  • Comprehensive Training and Development: FMC offers a variety of opportunities for professional growth and continuous learning, including access to the most recent medical research and technology, workshops, and training programs.
  • Access to State-of-the-Art Medical Facilities: Employees of FMC are granted access to the most advanced medical equipment and facilities, which enables them to innovate and practice using the most recent technologies.
  • Collaboration and Networking: FMC provides a collaborative environment in which healthcare professionals can collaborate with experienced colleagues, researchers, and medical specialists, thereby fostering valuable professional connections and knowledge exchange.
  • Public Health Contribution: FMC employees can significantly influence public health by conducting research, implementing health initiatives that benefit the community, and providing high-quality medical care.
  • Research Opportunities: FMC is engaged in a variety of research initiatives, which provide healthcare professionals with the opportunity to contribute to scientific advancements, participate in cutting-edge medical research, and publish their findings.
  • Work-Life Balance: Government healthcare positions, such as those at FMC, frequently prioritize work-life balance by providing supportive work environments, reasonable working hours, and leave policies to ensure the well-being of their employees.
  • Community Impact: Healthcare personnel can serve the local community by working at FMC, which improves the health outcomes of residents of Islamabad and the surrounding areas by providing essential medical services.
  • Educational Opportunities: FMC may provide employees with the opportunity to pursue additional education and specialization in a variety of medical disciplines, thereby facilitating the advancement of their careers and the development of their expertise.
  • Supportive Work Environment: FMC fosters a supportive and inclusive work environment that encourages collaboration, respect, and cooperation among healthcare professionals.
  • Public Service Pride: The knowledge that one’s efforts are contributing to the public welfare and enhancing the overall healthcare system is a source of pride and fulfillment for those who are employed by a government medical institution.

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The advertisement lists five positions:

  • Demonstrator (BS-17),
  • Protocol Officer (BS-17),
  • Statistical Officer (BS-17),
  • Assistant Librarian (BS-16),
  • Assistant Warden (Girls Hostel) (BS-16)

General terms and conditions for applying to the Federal Medical College Jobs:

  • Within fifteen days of the publication of this advertisement, submit your application online through the National Job Portal website if you are interested.
  • We will not accept any applications that are submitted by hand.
  • Only those who have been selected for an interview or examination will be contacted.
  • The upper age limit may be relaxed by government regulations.
  • The age restrictions will be determined by the date on which Applications close.
  • The contract will be in effect for one year or until FPSC nominees are available, whichever occurs first. Regular employment is not guaranteed following the termination of the contract.
  • The information submitted in the application forms will be verified. The Ministry of NHSR&C has the authority to terminate your application and pursue legal action against you, even if you have been engaged in any false or forged information is present.
  • The Ministry has the authority to cancel or postpone the recruitment procedure at any point.
  • The government’s contract policy will regulate the treatment of employees.
  • The salary will be determined by the Basic Pay Scales and the Government contract policy.
  • Submit your application through the appropriate channels if you are currently employed in the Government/Semi-Government sector.
  • No travel or daily allowance will be provided for joining the appointment, interviews, or testing.
  • FMC reserves the right to designate hired personnel to any location within the organization.

More Info

  1. What types of healthcare jobs are available at the Federal Medical College?

    FMC provides an extensive variety of healthcare positions, such as the ones for medical technicians, administrative staff, research scientists, nurses, and doctors.

  2. What are the eligibility criteria for healthcare jobs at FMC?

    The eligibility criteria for each position are distinctive, but they usually consist of applicable educational qualifications, professional certifications, and work experience in the medical field. The job postings contain specific requirements.

  3. How can I apply for a job at the Federal Medical College?

    Typically, job vacancies are advertised on the FMC website and relevant government employment portals. By submitting all required paperwork and finishing the application form online, candidates may submit their applications.

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