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Health Department of Sindh Jobs 2024 – Apply Now

The most recent employment opportunities have been announced by the Sindh Health Department. This information was obtained from Karachi Publishers’ daily publication, Nawaiwakt. The International Development Association (IDA), which is funded by the World Bank, has provided financing to the Government of Sindh, also known as the Borrower. The objective of this funding is to improve the National Health Support Program in the Sindh Province. A total of 53 vacancies are detailed in the job advertisement.

The Project Director of the Project Management Unit for the National Health Support Program in Sindh intends to allocate a portion of this funding to the recruitment of individual consultants to provide the specific services necessary for this project.

Details About Health Department of Sindh Jobs:

Hiring OrganizationHealth Department Sindh
Job LocationSindh, Pakistan
Education RequirementsRelevant
AddressSection Officer (Gen.) Health Department Government of Sindh 6th Floor Sindh Secretariat No.1, Shahrae Kamal Atta Turk, Karachi South, Pakistan

Benefits of Health Department of Sindh Jobs:

  • Job Security: In comparison to private sector positions, government roles, such as those in the Health Department of Sindh, generally provide a high level of job security.
  • Competitive Salaries: The Health Department provides competitive salary packages that are frequently accompanied by allowances and incentives that are determined by seniority and performance.
  • Pension and Retirement Benefits: The Health Department offers pension and other retirement benefits to its employees, which guarantee financial stability upon retirement.
  • Health Benefits: Comprehensive health benefits are offered to employees and their families, which include access to government healthcare facilities and medical insurance.
  • Professional Development: Employees have the opportunity to improve their skills and advance their careers by participating in training programs, seminars, and additional education.
  • Leave Entitlements: Employees are entitled to a variety of leave options, such as annual leave, medical leave, maternity/paternity leave, and other special leaves, by government policies.
  • Work-Life Balance: Government positions frequently provide more reasonable working hours than those in the private sector, thereby fostering a more favorable work-life balance.
  • Job Satisfaction: The Health Department provides professionals with the opportunity to significantly influence public health and the well-being of the community, resulting in high levels of job satisfaction.
  • Career Advancement Opportunities: The Health Department provides employees with the opportunity to advance to positions with greater responsibilities and benefits by providing defined career progression paths.
  • Employee Benefits and Allowances: A variety of benefits and allowances are offered, including accommodation allowances, travel allowances, and utility allowances, to assist in the cost of living.
  • Educational Opportunities for Offspring: Employees may be granted educational allowances or access to government-sponsored educational programs for their offspring.
  • Work Environment Diversity: The Health Department of Sindh maintains a diverse workforce, providing opportunities to collaborate with professionals from a variety of backgrounds and specializations.

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Here are the terms and conditions for applying:

  • Eligible individuals who are interested in supplying the aforementioned services are being invited by the Project Management Unit of the National Health Support Program in Sindh.
  • The World Bank’s guidelines serve as the foundation for the eligibility criteria and Terms of Reference (TORs) for each position.
  • If you are interested, please submit your Expression of Interest/application, an updated Curriculum Vitae that details your qualifications and experience that are pertinent to the position, two passport-size photographs, your CNIC, degrees, and experience certificates, to the address provided. You have the option of delivering it in person or sending it via registered mail services.
  • Candidates will not be reimbursed for any travel or daily allowance expenses associated with attending interviews.
  • If you are presently employed in a government position, you must apply through the appropriate channels.
  • If you applied for comparable positions in previous announcements (Advertisement INF-KRY No. 3344/23 or INF/KRY/3344/2023), you are required to submit a new application, as the previous procedure has been terminated.
  • Ensure that the position for which you are applying is mentioned in CAPITAL letters on the upper right side of the envelope.

More Info

  1. Who is the Minister of Health Department Sindh?

    Dr. Syed Mansoor Abbas Rizvi (BPS-20), an officer of EX-PCS Sindh, serves as the present Secretary of the Health Department Sindh. Dr. Saad Niaz acts as the Minister. The DHOs (District Health Officers) of BPS-20 are responsible for the Districts and are answerable to the Director (BPS-20) of the City.

  2. How does the health system work in Sindh?

    The BHUs and dispensaries provide outdoor medication and preventive care until 2 pm, while the rural health centers offer specialist care in the morning hours along with minor emergency services and have indoor facilities that are rarely utilized.

  3. How can I apply for a job at the Health Department of Sindh?

    Job openings are typically advertised on the official website of the Health Department of Sindh, as well as in local newspapers and job portals. Applications usually go via the online application process or by mail, according to information in the job advertisement.

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