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Healthcare Jobs in Canada 2024 – Apply Now

You can initiate the application procedure for the most recent healthcare jobs in Canada with a simple touch of the screen on your smartphone. If you’re seeking a position that will allow you to significantly influence healthcare, these healthcare jobs in Canada are optimal.

A compendium of healthcare-related employment opportunities in Canada is provided below. Proficient in the following roles: Clinical Administrator, Hospital Administrator, Director of Medical Services, Administration Officer, Health Information Services Clerk, Speech Therapist, Billing Administrator, Health Information Manager, Clinical Coder, Medical Records Administrator, Medical Receptionist, Medical Secretary, Midwife, Veterinary Nurse, Veterinary Surgeon, Dental Assistant, acupuncturist, Psychiatric, and Medical Research

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List of Healthcare Jobs in Canada

You can apply for the following current healthcare careers in Canada without cost, thereby saving time, effort, and money.

1. Senior Health Information Management Professional- Geraldton District Hospital

The Geraldton District Hospital is seeking a senior health information management professional who is dedicated to their work, self-motivated, and ardent. Additionally, they should possess a strong understanding of current medical terminology and CIHI/CCHSA requirements and have a positive attitude and background in public relations.

2. Medical Transcriptionist/VR Editor/QC-Mediscribes, Inc

In all that it does, Mediscribes Inc. places an emphasis on quality, patient care, and safety. We are currently seeking a medical transcriptionist, VR editor, or QC with proficiency in a medical transcription program in addition to strong management and dedication skills.

3. Underwriting Specialist, Healthcare (Programs and Portfolio Management)- Aviva

Aviva, a global corporate and specialty insurer, is seeking an underwriting specialist who can drive initiatives, analyze complex data, and draw conclusions. The ideal candidate will have prior experience with the product line and knowledge of the supporting technology. Additionally, they should have strong business development and analytic skills.

4. Pharmaceutical Claims Analyst- Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health is an organization that provides social and health services. A pharmaceutical claims analyst is desired, possessing strong computer skills, problem-solving capabilities, and the capacity to perform database searches while delivering exceptional Access program services.

5. Healthcare Administrator- Integra Health Centre

An immediate opening at Integra Health Centre is filled for a Health Care Administrator who possesses customer service expertise, robust vitality, and self-drive to assist with administrative duties, client call management, and consultation coordination.

6. Clerical Support Associate Cardiology- Humber River Hospital

Number River Hospital’s operations revolve around the principles of diversity and inclusivity. A Clerical Support Associate with strong interpersonal and organizational skills, in addition to familiarity with MEDITECH computers, is currently being sought to provide customer service, clerical support, and departmental collaboration.

7. Clinical Assistant- LASIK MD

LASIK MD is a provider of laser vision correction services on a national scale, dedicated to promoting clear eyesight via procedures that are both secure and cost-effective. A clinical assistant is required to assist with pre-operative procedures and enhance the patient appointment system.

8. Personal Support Worker (PSW)-Bayshore Health Care

Ensuring health and safety is a top priority for Bayshore Health Care, an industry leader in home care. A committed and motivated personal support worker with access to a dependable automobile or public transport is currently being sought.

9. Health Care Researcher- Anjou Mehta Medical Consultancy Inc

Anjou Mehta Medical Consultancy Inc. is seeking a health care researcher with exceptional analytic and communication skills to advise senior management and oversee the maintenance of health information databases.

10. Healthcare and Fitness Ambassador- Prevention Standards Organization

An experienced fitness and healthcare professional is sought by the Prevention Standards Organization in order to provide training and education to facility proprietors, independent practitioners, and fitness instructors.

11. Administrative Assistant- Johan Wellness & Rehab Clinic

The position of administrative assistant at Johan Wellness & Rehab Clinic requires an individual to conduct patient interviews, maintain and create confidential medical records, and input electronic-based medical reports. The ideal candidate will have excellent interpersonal and communication abilities.

12. Personal Support Workers- Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

Individuals seeking employment with the Geriatric Mental Health Service in the capacity of a personal support worker are required to maintain client confidentiality while engaging in assigned tasks, facilitate the unit’s operational efficiency, and ensure proper organization.

13. Community Health Worker- ARH Careers

ARH Careers is seeking a self-motivated and diligent community health worker with effective interpersonal and community relations skills, as well as the ability to conduct health and community outreach programs and communicate effectively with team members.

14. Home Health Aid (HHA)- Interim Health Care Portsmouth

Interim Health Care Portsmouth is presently seeking a Home Health Aid who possesses exceptional communication and organizational skills, in addition to personal care experience, in order to assist with prescription administration, maintain a secure environment for patients, and support them.

15. PBX Operator- Baptist Health

Baptist Health is seeking a PBX operator who possesses proficient computer and communication skills in order to manage emergency phone calls, verify alarms, and route incoming calls.

16. Retail Pharmacy Manager (Community Health Center)- Cardinal Health Innovative Delivery Solutions

In the United States, Cardinal Health Innovative Delivery Solutions is a renowned acute-care pharmacy. A retail pharmacy manager who is success-oriented and self-motivated is required to develop and execute collaborative practice agreements, maintain accurate prescription records, and ensure adherence to policies.

17. Mental Health Technician- ARH Careers

ARH Careers is engaged in mental health-related endeavors. A mental health technician, possessing proficient communication and computer abilities, is presently being sought to fulfill the following responsibilities: overseeing and documenting patient conduct, in addition to providing support for day-to-day wellness and care.

Benefits of Healthcare Jobs in Canada

  • Job Security: Typically, the healthcare sector is less impacted by economic downturns and recessions. The constant demand for healthcare services provides job security and stability.
  • Lucrative and satisfying work: Healthcare professionals have the opportunity to improve the lives of patients. They aid in diagnosing, treating, and guiding patients through difficult health situations, which can be extremely satisfying.
  • Competitive Compensation: Numerous positions in healthcare offer competitive compensation, which can vary based on education, experience, and area of specialization.
  • Diverse job possibilities: The field of healthcare is extensive and diverse, offering a variety of career paths and specializations. Whether you are interested in direct patient care, research, administration, or technology, there is likely a career in healthcare that matches your interests and talents.
  • Continuous Education: Healthcare is a dynamic field characterized by continuously evolving advances in medicine and technology. This affords opportunities for ongoing education and professional growth.
  • Job Diversity: The healthcare industry offers a variety of positions, from direct patient care to administrative labor. This diversity enables individuals to discover positions that match their interests and skills.
  • Strong Demand: Due to an aging population and rising healthcare requirements, it is anticipated that the demand for healthcare professionals will remain high, potentially resulting in more job openings.
  • Global Possibilities: Healthcare professionals frequently have the option to work internationally or in various regions, allowing them to travel and gain exposure to diverse healthcare systems.
  • Respect and reliance: Patients and their families place a great deal of faith in the knowledge and skills of healthcare professionals. This may be personally gratifying and rewarding.
  • Advantages and Job Perks: Numerous employers in the healthcare industry provide comprehensive benefits packages that include health insurance, retirement programs, paid time off, and educational assistance.
  • Contributing to the Improvement of Public Health: Working in healthcare allows you to contribute to the health and well-being of your community or even the entire world, particularly in public health and epidemiology-related positions.
  • Career Mobility: Credentials and experience in healthcare are frequently transferable between healthcare settings and locations, providing career flexibility.

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  1. How much do healthcare jobs pay in Canada?

    The average healthcare salary in Canada is $92,618 per year or $47.50 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $48,782 per year, while most experienced workers make up to $151,738 per year.

  2. Is Canada looking for healthcare workers?

    Now the Government of Canada can issue invitations to apply for permanent residency in Canada to candidates from particular fields or with specific skills, training, or language ability.

  3. How do I become a healthcare worker in Canada? 

    Although some private healthcare employers will accept applicants with less than Grade 12 education, most prefer candidates who have completed a high school diploma and who have completed a healthcare assistant program. Most employers also require a criminal record check and tuberculosis screening.

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