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Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Jobs in Islamabad 2024

At this time, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting is actively seeking certified candidates to contractually cover a variety of positions. The available positions consist of a Communication Officer, a Content Writer, and a General Manager Digital, all of which provide a consistent monthly income for the duration of the one-year contract.

The Ministry, with its main office located in Islamabad, seeks to appoint individuals who possess the necessary abilities, drive, and enthusiasm to effectively carry out the responsibilities associated with these technical and administrative roles.

Details About Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Jobs in Islamabad:

Hiring OrganisationMinistry of Information and Broadcasting
Job LocationIslamabad
Education RequirementsPhD., Master/Bachelor Degree (04 years) in Computer Science/IT, Media Studies/Journalism/Communication/ Business Administration or English Literature
NewspaperExpress. Jang
AddressSection Officer (Ed) Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Cabinet Block 4th Floor Room No. 4153, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory, Pakistan

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Benefits of Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Jobs in Islamabad:

  • Public Service: Engaging in governmental ministry work, such as that of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, provides individuals with the opportunity to make direct contributions to the governance and progress of the nation. Employees are allowed to contribute to endeavors that influence public policies, foster transparency, and facilitate government-to-public communication.
  • Career Stability: Government positions frequently offer security and stability, in addition to remuneration increases, perks, and prospects for professional growth. The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting may provide its personnel with job security and a guaranteed income.
  • Prospects for Education and Advancement: Government ministries customarily provide training and development initiatives aimed at augmenting the expertise and aptitudes of personnel in domains pertinent to their respective positions. Employment with the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting may afford prospects for vocational advancement, skill enhancement, and professional development via seminars, workshops, and training programs.
  • Profound Contribution: Ministry of Information and Broadcasting personnel are allowed to engage in endeavors and undertakings that directly influence the fabric of society. Employees can influence public discourse and cultivate informed citizenship through various means, including the promotion of government policies and programs, dissemination of vital information, and management of media regulations.
  • Collaboration and Networking: Opportunities abound for networking and collaborating with professionals from diverse sectors, such as media representatives, government officials, civil society organizations, and international partners, when one is employed in a government ministry. Developing relationships with key stakeholders can facilitate collaboration on critical initiatives and improve career prospects.
  • Benefits and Perquisites: In addition to paid vacation days, health insurance, and retirement plans, government employees generally receive health insurance and other amenities. These advantages have the potential to foster a favorable professional atmosphere and augment overall job contentment.
  • Work-Life Balance: Although government careers can be demanding, they frequently provide more consistent work hours and a more favorable work-life balance in comparison to certain positions in the private sector. The personnel of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting may benefit from a moderate burden and flexible scheduling options.
  • Opportunities for Professional Development: To foster employee growth and progress, government ministries frequently provide avenues for additional education, professional certifications, and career progression. Programs that target the improvement of employees’ skills, knowledge, and leadership capabilities may be made available to them.

To observe for these positions:

Participating candidates are granted access to the Terms of Reference (ToRs), which contain pertinent information such as qualifications, voyage requirements, and job descriptions. The Terms of Reference (ToRs) can be conveniently accessed on the National Job Portal ( and the reputable Ministry of Information and Broadcasting website (

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Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Jobs
Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Jobs
  1. What is the address of Ministry of Information and Broadcasting in Pakistan?

    Address: Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, 4th Floor, Cabinet Block, Pak. Secretariat, Islamabad, Pakistan.

  2. Who is the secretary of Information and Broadcasting in Punjab?

    Shahera Shahid holds the rank of Information Group officer. Currently working as the Secretary of the Broadcasting and Information Ministry. She is additionally the Chairperson of the PTVC.

  3. What is the Ministry of Media in Pakistan?

    Established in 1947, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting acts as an interface between the government, the media, and the public as a whole, serving as the primary ministry of the Pakistani government for all projection-related activities. In addition, it is endowed with the duty of furnishing policy guidelines to the electronic newspapers of the state.

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