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MNFSR Jobs 2024 – Federal Ministry Jobs

The Federal Ministry of National Security and Research Pakistan (MNFSR) is making application materials available for assistant directors, computer operators, assistants, dispatch riders, and other positions. To be eligible, interested individuals must meet the following requirements in addition to having finished the necessary schooling, which includes a recognized institution’s elementary, matriculation, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees.

Interviews and written tests will only be extended to those who have been shortlisted. View the announcement below for available positions, eligibility requirements, and other details.

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Details of MNFSR Jobs

Benefits of Ministry of National Food Security and Research Jobs

  • Workplace Safety: Employment with the government, especially in MNFSR, usually entails a high degree of job security, giving workers a stable path in their careers.
  • Comparative Pay: MNFSR positions frequently offer competitive pay packages based on government pay standards. Pay adjustments are made regularly to reflect changes in living expenses and inflation.
  • Privileges: Depending on the nature of their work and the ministry’s regulations, employees may be qualified for a variety of benefits, including housing rent, medical, and travel expenses.
  • Pension Schemes: Pension schemes are usually available to government employees, including those in MNFSR, providing them with financial stability upon retirement.
  • Advantages in terms of healthcare: MNFSR positions frequently offer comprehensive healthcare benefits, such as medical insurance and coverage for the employee and their family.
  • Entitlements to Leave: According to government rules, employees may be eligible for a variety of substantial leave benefits, such as sick leave, yearly leave, and other sorts of leave.
  • Education and Training: MNFSR may make investments in its workers’ professional growth and training, providing chances for skill improvement and career progression.
  • Welfare and Social Security Programs: Employees at MNFSR may be eligible for welfare and social security programs that are intended to help them through difficult times.
  • Working-Life Harmony: Government employment often prioritizes a reasonable work-life balance, with fixed working hours and established leave rules, however, workloads might vary depending on the nature of the job.
  • Career Advancement: MNFSR employment offers opportunities for career advancement through transfers and promotions within the ministry or related government departments.
  • Programs for Employee Assistance: Some government organizations, such as MNFSR, may offer employee assistance programs that provide counseling and support services for both personal and professional issues.
  • Contribution to the Development of the Nation: One can positively influence the nation’s agriculture policies and practices by working at MNFSR and contributing to national food security and research initiatives.

List of Federal Ministry Jobs

  • Assistant Directors
  • Computer Operators
  • Assistants
  • Dispatch Riders
  • Other

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More Info

  1. Who is the Minister of National Food Security and Research?

    The Federal Minister for National Food Security and Research, Dr. Kausar Abdullah Malik, chaired a meeting of the All Pakistan Solvent Extractors Association here at the Ministry of National Food Security and Research.

  2. Who is responsible for food security in Pakistan? 

    The Ministry of National Food Security and Research is mainly responsible for policy formulation, economic coordination, and planning concerning food grains and agriculture.

  3. What is the status of food safety and security in Pakistan?

    Pakistan is presently self-sufficient in major staples, ranked 8th in producing wheat, 10th in rice, 5th in sugarcane, and 4th in milk production. Despite that, only 63.1 percent of the country’s households are “food secure”, according to the Ministry of Health and Unicef’s National Nutritional Survey 2018.

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