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Pakistan Meteorological Department Jobs in Islamabad 2024

The most recent employment openings were declared by the Pakistan Meteorological Department. This PMD employment advertisement was obtained from the Daily Dawn. At this time, the Pakistan Meteorological Department is accepting applications for the following positions: storekeeper, Driver, Naib Qasid, Assistant, Assistant Manager, and Admin. Social Safeguard Specialist, Senior Agrometeorology Associate, Senior Consultant—Hydrology, Senior Meteorology Associate, Civil Engineer, Contract Management Expert, Electronic Engineer, Procurement Specialist, Programmer/Software Engineer, and Project Coordinator are all positions for which qualified applicants are encouraged to apply.

Details About Pakistan Meteorological Department Jobs in Islamabad:

Job Type:Contract
Organization:Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD)
Location:Islamabad, Punjab
Education:ACCA, Bachelor, CA, Master, PhD
Salary Package:PKR, 30000–60000.est
Address:Pakistan Meteorological Department, PMD, Islamabad

Vacant Positions:

  • Project Coordinator
  • Social Safeguard Specialist
  • Sr. Agrometeorology Associate
  • Senior Consultant, Hydrology
  • Sr. Meteorology Associate
  • Civil Engineer
  • Contract Management Expert
  • Electronic Engineer
  • Procurement Specialist
  • Programmer/Software Engineer

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Eligibility Criteria of Pakistan Meteorological Department Jobs in Islamabad:

  • Five to twenty years of experience in the pertinent discipline are required.
  • Alternative degrees accepted include a Ph.D., LLM, CA, ACCA, Bachelor’s, or Master’s degree in a relevant field such as computer information systems, data sciences, electronics, electrical engineering, civil engineering, contract management, procurement, economics, sociology, commerce, business administration, or mathematics. Ph.D., LLM, CA, or ACCA degrees are also acceptable.
  • Proficiency Level: Consultant
  • Gender: Males and females are both eligible.

Benefits of Pakistan Meteorological Department Jobs in Islamabad:

  • Contribution to Public Safety: The PMD contributes significantly to public safety through its critical function of monitoring and predicting environmental phenomena, natural disasters, and weather patterns. Employees make a direct contribution to public safety through the provision of accurate and timely information that assists authorities and individuals in preparing for and responding to weather-related incidents.
  • Prospects for Research and Innovation: The PMD undertakes investigations about diverse facets of meteorology, climatology, and associated disciplines. Each employee is afforded the chance to make a valuable contribution to state-of-the-art research and innovation, potentially resulting in progress in the fields of meteorology and scientific comprehension.
  • Stability of Employment: Government positions within the PMD generally provide competitive salaries and benefits packages, in addition to employment security and stability. Employees can anticipate opportunities for career advancement and growth within the organization, in addition to stable employment.
  • Professional Development: The PMD offers training and development opportunities to augment the competencies and knowledge of personnel in pertinent domains such as meteorology, data analysis, and forecasting methodologies. This ongoing education contributes to both personal and professional development.
  • Advanced Facilities: The PMD possesses cutting-edge meteorological instruments, computer models, and data acquisition systems to facilitate its monitoring and forecasting operations. These facilities are accessible to employees, facilitating the execution of their responsibilities proficiently and effectively.
  • Collaborative Work Environment: The PMD cultivates a collaborative work environment in which personnel from various origins cooperate to accomplish shared objectives. Collaboration with academic institutions, national and international agencies, and research institutions expands the professional networks and knowledge exchange of employees.
  • Community Engagement: Community engagement is a priority for PMD employees, who are afforded the chance to participate in educational campaigns, outreach programs, and public awareness campaigns. Personnel contribute to the development of resilient communities through the dissemination of information regarding weather hazards and preparedness measures to the general public.
  • Work-Life Balance: The PMD provides employees with advantageous perks and reasonable working hours, including flexible schedules and paid leave, to facilitate the maintenance of a harmonious work-life equilibrium.
  • Contribution to National Development: The PMD’s contributions to national development are indispensable to numerous economic sectors, such as transportation, aviation, agriculture, and disaster management. Employees play a crucial role in national development through the provision of essential information and services that bolster these sectors.
  • Pride and Fulfillment: Working for the PMD provides employees who are enthusiastic about the field of meteorology and its societal implications with a sense of pride and fulfillment. The fact that their labor contributes directly to the betterment of the country and its inhabitants is a substantial incentive for personnel of the PMD.

How to Apply for Pakistan Meteorological Department Jobs:

  • Applicants who satisfy the specified eligibility requirements must submit a comprehensive curriculum vitae (CV) along with the requisite supporting documents to the address specified below.
    • Address: PO Box No. 528, Postmall, F-7/M, Islamabad.
  • For interview invitations, only qualified and shortlisted candidates will be extended an invitation.


Pakistan Meteorological Department Jobs
Pakistan Meteorological Department Jobs
  1. How can I become a meteorologist in Pakistan?

    University degree in physics and mathematics and successful completion of the preliminary meteorology course. Master’s degree in a related discipline. Master’s Degree in Physics or Mathematics and successful completion of the Basic Forecasting Course.

  2. Where is the Pakistan Meteorological Department?

    The Pakistan Meteorological Department is headed by the Director General. Functionally, it is composed of the following four major divisions, with the head office located in Islamabad and the camp office in Karachi.

  3. What is the salary in the Pakistan Meteorological Department?

    The average salary for a senior observer is PKR 30,000 per month in Pakistan, which is 18% higher than the average Pakistan Meteorological Department salary of PKR 25,417 per month for this job.

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