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PHC Jobs in Lahore 2024 – Apply Now

The Punjab Healthcare Commission (PHC) has disclosed job openings for the year 2024. The announcement was published in the Daily Jang ePaper. Applications are being accepted for the following positions: Managers (Data), Managers (Software Development), Content Writer, Manager/Deputy Manager (Graphics & Media), Digital Media Specialist, and Officer (Software Development). If any of these positions pique your interest, you may wish to apply.

  • Job Titles: The advertisement includes a variety of job titles, such as Senior Managers (Data), Managers (Software Development), Content Writer, Manager/Deputy Manager (Graphics & Media), and Digital Media Specialist and Officer (Software Development).
  • Eligibility: Minimum qualifications and experience requirements for each position are specified in the advertisement. For example, the Content Writer position necessitates a minimum of six years of experience as a content writer on reputable print media/social media platforms and a Master’s degree in Business Administration/Social Sciences or an equivalent degree.
  • Location: The positions are all located at the PHC Head Office in Lahore.
  • Salary and Benefits: The advertisement indicates that incumbents will receive market-competitive compensation and additional benefits.

Details About PHC Jobs in Lahore:

Hiring OrganizationPunjab Healthcare Commission
Job LocationPunjab, Pakistan
Education RequirementsRelevant
AddressDirector (HR & Support Services) Punjab Healthcare Commission 185 Ahmad Block New Garden Town, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

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Benefits of PHC Jobs in Lahore:

  • Public Health Contribution: The Punjab Healthcare Commission’s employees are instrumental in the enhancement of healthcare standards and the protection of public health in the province of Punjab. PHC employees enhance the overall quality and safety of healthcare services for residents by participating in quality assurance initiatives and regulatory oversight.
  • Professional Development Opportunities: PHC offers employees the chance to engage in ongoing professional development and learning. This may involve the implementation of training programs, workshops, seminars, and conferences to better the skills and expertise of employees in areas that are pertinent to healthcare regulation and quality improvement.
  • Competitive Compensation and Benefits: PHC provides its employees with competitive salaries and benefits packages, which include health insurance, retirement programs, and other benefits. The contributions and dedication of employees to the promotion of healthcare quality and safety are fairly compensated.
  • Job Security and Stability: Employees are guaranteed job security and stability when they work for a reputable organization such as PHC. PHC is a government regulatory body that has a critical mandate to guarantee that employees have stable employment prospects and opportunities for long-term career growth.
  • Meaningful Work: PHC employees have the chance to significantly influence the delivery of healthcare and patient outcomes in Punjab. Employees contribute to the general welfare of the populace by maintaining regulatory standards and fostering quality improvement initiatives.
  • Collaborative Work Environment: PHC cultivates a collaborative and inclusive work environment in which employees can work together with healthcare providers, stakeholders, and colleagues to accomplish shared objectives. Professional growth and development are fostered by the appreciation of teamwork and cooperation.
  • Opportunity for Innovation: PHC promotes innovation and creativity in the improvement of regulatory processes and the resolution of healthcare challenges. Employees are afforded the chance to suggest innovative solutions and contribute to the ongoing enhancement of regulatory practices.
  • Contribution to Healthcare Policy: Punjab Health Corporation employees may have the opportunity to participate in the development and advocacy of healthcare policy. Employees can shape the healthcare landscape in the province by contributing their expertise and insights to policy decisions and initiatives.
  • Work-Life Balance: PHC prioritizes the importance of work-life balance and endeavors to offer employees supportive policies and flexible working arrangements. This enables employees to prioritize their personal and family requirements while simultaneously managing their professional responsibilities.

How to Apply:

The advertisement directs applicants to submit their application online, along with a scanned copy of the challan form, by visiting the PHC website at, downloading a challan form, and paying a non-refundable charge of Rs. 1,000. Internal employees/employees from (Semi) Government/autonomous bodies/institutes must apply through the appropriate channels and submit their most recent NOC, which has been issued by the relevant department.

More Info

  1. How do I contact PHC?

    If you have any more inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us at or via our toll-free helpline at 0800-00742.

  2. What does PHC stand for in Pakistan?

    The Punjab Healthcare Commission (PHC) is an independent health regulatory organization that oversees hospitals, clinics, laboratories, and other medical facilities in the province of Punjab, Pakistan. It was established by the Punjab Government in 2010 under the Punjab Healthcare Commission Act.

  3. How do I get a PHC license?

    The registration form can be obtained in person from the PHC office or downloaded from the PHC website. The PHC gets the Registration Form that has been submitted by the healthcare service provider. The HCE is issued a Provisional License after filing a license application in the format specified by the PHC.

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