Scholarships in Denmark Without IELTS 2024 – Fully Funded

Denmark is an excellent destination for international scholars in 2024. Scholarship opportunities abound, and tuition is relatively inexpensive in comparison to other European nations. Denmark provides a secure and welcoming learning environment, characterized by vibrant urban centers and a multitude of cultural influences. Simply put, if you are interested in studying abroad in 2024 but prefer to avoid the complications of the IELTS, Denmark will provide you with an assortment of scholarship opportunities.

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List of Scholarships in Denmark Without IELTS:

1. Danish Government Scholarships

The Danish Government Scholarship prioritizes academic distinction and may be awarded in the form of complete or partial tuition fee waivers. It consists of fellowships awarded by cultural agreements as well as those designated for the University College of Denmark.

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2. Erasmus Mundus Scholarship Programs in Denmark

The Erasmus Mundus Scholarship provides financial assistance to Danish institutions and their European counterparts in support of Master’s degree programs that are jointly offered to students from the EU/EEA and other non-EU/EEA countries.

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3. IT University of Copenhagen State Scholarships

The IT University of Copenhagen annually awards three to four scholarships to exceptional MSc candidates from outside the EU and EEA. The scholarships provide master’s level students with complimentary housing and tuition.

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4. Aarhus University Ph.D. Fellowships in Denmark

The majority of the thirty fully-funded Ph.D. fellowships offered by Aarhus University are in the health sciences faculty. These fellowships provide significant motivations for scholarly inquiry, thereby cultivating a vibrant academic milieu.

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5. Danish State Tuition Fee Waivers and Scholarships at Roskilde University

These bursaries at Roskilde University, designated for exceptional graduate students from non-EU/EEA nations, provide financial assistance in the form of DKK 7,800 per month to support housing expenses while attending classes in Denmark.

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Required Documents:

When applying for these scholarships, ensure you have the following essential documents:

  • Academic transcripts
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Statement of purpose
  • Resume/CV
  • Passport copy
  • Proof of language proficiency (if not required)

Jobs After Graduation:

With a robust labor market, Denmark provides stimulating postgraduate prospects. Academic graduates are highly sought after in numerous industries, which renders the region an alluring location for individuals seeking to commence their professional lives upon concluding their education.

Part-Time Jobs with Study:

While attending school, international pupils in Denmark are permitted to participate in part-time employment. This not only furnishes monetary assistance but also imparts significant professional development, thereby augmenting the holistic educational trajectory.

Benefits of Scholarships in Denmark Without IELTS:

  • Language Dispensation: Scholarships that do not mandate IELTS may grant an exemption from language proficiency testing, thereby enabling international students who satisfy specific criteria to submit applications without the need to submit IELTS scores.
  • Enhancement of Accessibility: Scholarship opportunities may become more accessible to a wider spectrum of international students, including those who encounter difficulties in undertaking standardized language assessments if the IELTS requirement is eliminated.
  • Pool of Diverse Applicants: Scholarships that do not mandate the IELTS may appeal to a broader range of candidates, including those from non-English-speaking nations who may possess exceptional academic or extracurricular credentials but fail English proficiency examinations.
  • Prioritize academic merit: Scholarships that do not require the IELTS may prioritize academic merit, accomplishments, and potential over language proficiency alone, permitting students to be assessed based on their comprehensive credentials.
  • Promoting the Development of Non-Native English Speakers: Scholarships that do not require the IELTS may catalyze for non-native English speakers to pursue higher education in Denmark, thereby promoting international cooperation and cultural diversity.
  • Streamlined Procedure for Applications: By waiving the IELTS prerequisite, the scholarship application procedure can be simplified, which may appeal to a greater number of candidates who may encounter logistical difficulties in undertaking language testing.


In summary, Denmark presents an abundance of scholarship opportunities and picturesque landscapes, in addition to its cultural diversity and allure, which positions it as an optimal destination for international students in 2024.

  1. Is it possible to study in Denmark without IELTS?

    Denmark is home to some of the world’s finest universities. International students can study in the country without providing IELTS scores on the condition that they provide proof of their English proficiency or the ability to communicate at least an intermediate level in the English language.

  2. Can I get a scholarship without IELTS?

    This British Rhodes Scholarship is a prestigious award offered by the University of Oxford in the UK, which provides 100 students with the opportunity to pursue their studies at the institution at no cost. This particular scholarship is available to students from all over the world and is not dependent on IELTS.

  3. What is the 100% scholarship in Denmark?

    The Danish Government Scholarship 2024-2025 is a fully funded scholarship for international students. This scholarship is only offered for master’s studies. The scholarship will provide two parts: a full tuition fee waiver and a grant to help cover living costs amounting to DKK 6090 per month before taxes.

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