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Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan SECP Jobs

The Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan has issued a job advertisement soliciting applications for a variety of positions. The Daily Express ePaper advertisement emphasizes vacancies for the positions of Director-Prosecution & Civil Litigation Department, Additional Director-Prosecution & Civil Litigation Department, and Head of IS&T Division (Chief Technology/Digital Officer). Applicants with Bachelor’s, LLB, LLM, or equivalent degrees are strongly encouraged to submit their applications for these SECP Jobs. Potential candidates may submit their applications via the official website,, for these Islamabad-based Federal Government Jobs.

Details About Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan SECP Jobs:

Hiring OrganisationSECP
Jobs LocationIslamabad
Education RequirementsBachelor, LLB, LLM, Master
NewspaperExpress. Jang
AddressSecurities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan NIC Building 63 Jinnah Ave Block L F 7/4 Blue Area, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory, Pakistan.

Benefits of Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan SECP Jobs:

  • Contribution to Financial Stability: Engagement in SECP employment provides the opportunity to actively contribute to the preservation of the stability and integrity of the financial markets in Pakistan. Employees assume a pivotal function in overseeing and regulating the securities and exchange sector, thereby guaranteeing equitable and transparent business operations.
  • Job Stability: SECP positions are generally characterized by a high degree of job stability. The commission functions as a governmental regulatory entity, guaranteeing employees stable employment and prospects for enduring professional development.
  • Competitive Compensation: To attract and retain top talent, the SECP provides competitive compensation in the form of salaries and benefits packages. These positions offer financial rewards in the form of allowances, bonuses, and other incentives in addition to salaries.
  • Professional Development: SECP personnel are granted access to various prospects for professional development and the augmentation of their skill sets. Educational opportunities, workshops, seminars, and training programs may be provided by the commission to aid personnel in advancing their skills and knowledge regarding securities regulation and enforcement.
  • Comprehensive Benefits: Government agencies customarily furnish comprehensive benefits packages, which comprise an assortment of provisions such as health insurance, retirement programs, paid leave, and supplementary allowances. These benefits enhance the financial stability and overall welfare of the employees.
  • Advantages of Networking: Employment with the SECP presents prospects for establishing connections and engaging in collaborative endeavors with experts from the financial sector, governmental entities, and global regulatory organizations. This networking can result in beneficial collaborations, connections, and opportunities for career advancement.
  • Work-Life Balance: SECP positions typically provide an advantageous work-life balance, encompassing regular working hours and time off on weekends. Employees are granted the autonomy to efficiently allocate their time, which enables them to dedicate additional periods to familial obligations and recreational pursuits.
  • Prestige and Recognition: A certain degree of recognition and prestige is associated with SECP employment, both within the financial sector and in the wider community. In recognition of their efforts in regulatory enforcement, investor protection, and market development, employees may be honored.
  • Contribution to Investor Protection: The SECP contributes significantly to the safeguarding of investor interests and the promotion of market integrity and transparency. Employees make valuable contributions to initiatives aimed at protecting the funds of investors, averting market manipulation, and bolstering investor trust in the financial markets.
  • Sense of Purpose: The SECP offers its employees the chance to serve their country and exert a significant influence on the regulation and advancement of the financial sector, which contributes to a strong sense of fulfillment for many. Fostering investor protection, market stability, and financial inclusion initiatives can imbue an individual’s labor with a sense of fulfillment and intention.

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Job Positions:

  • Additional Director
  • Director-Prosecution & Civil Litigation Department
  • Head of IS&T Division (Chief Technology/Digital Officer)

How to Apply for Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan SECP Jobs:

Kindly visit the following link: to obtain a detailed employment description and to proceed with the online application process.

More Info

  1. What is the work of the SECP?

    At first, the SECP was charged with overseeing the regulation of the capital market and corporate sector. Its authority has progressively widened to include the oversight and control of private pensions, insurance companies, and non-banking finance organizations.

  2. What are the working days of SECP?

    Our usual business hours for call reception are Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm.

  3. Who is the head of SECP Pakistan?

    At present, the Commission is comprised of the subsequent Commissioners: Chairman Mr. Akif Saeed.

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