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Unskilled Jobs in Italy 2024 – Apply Now

A multitude of sectors within the overall economy rely on menial labor to function. It is typical for businesses to hire unskilled laborers; therefore, minimal training or experience is often sufficient to apply for these positions. You may submit applications for a wide variety of positions, including those in the culinary and agriculture industries and those with minimal requirements.

Read this page in quest of low-skilled employment in Italy, locate a position that sounds like a good fit for your qualifications and work ethic, and submit an application. Occupations that do not require the application of any cognitive, talent, or intellectual capabilities in the performance of routine work duties are classified as “unskilled labor.”

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The Italian labor market is dynamic and offers a vast array of positions, some of which do not demand a great deal of specialized knowledge. Consistently increasing is the number of immigrants interested in low-skilled occupations in Italy. Italy will require a variety of menial labor categories, which will be discussed in this article. Whether you are a local or simply have a desire to explore, these opportunities may be precisely what you have been looking for.

What Are Unskilled Jobs?

A significant proportion of low-skill occupations do not require extensive education or specialized credentials. Many individuals register for these positions due to the fact that the duties generally require little time to master.

Practically anyone can obtain employment in menial labor positions, as these positions typically do not mandate a particular level of education. The operational efficiency of enterprises is contingent upon the employment of unskilled laborers, who constitute a significant proportion of the workforce in the contemporary era.

In occupations requiring menial labor, applications including process application, machine operation, and repetitive task management are highly valued.

Low-Skilled Jobs in Italy

Among the most prevalent low-skilled occupations in Italy are the subsequent:

  • Cleaners
  • Laborers in the Agricultural Sector
  • Stocking Associate
  • Airport Baggage handler
  • Drivers (Taxi Driver, Forklift Driver, Delivery driver, Chauffeur)
  • Messengers
  • Pub/Bar/Restaurant workers
  • Food Workers
  • Hotel workers and Housekeeper
  • Construction Workers
  • Steward/Stewardess
  • Factory Worker
  • Cashiers
  • Grocery Storekeepers
  • Security Guards

Benefits of Unskilled Jobs in Italy

  • Employment Opportunities: Because unskilled positions are in higher demand, there are more opportunities for employment, particularly for newcomers to Italy. The availability of jobs in industries such as hospitality, agriculture, construction, and caregiving might assist foreign migrants in finding work rapidly.
  • Income and Financial Stability: Unskilled occupations may provide a source of income that can help meet living expenditures and give financial stability. While salaries for unskilled jobs may vary, having a job allows people to support themselves and contribute to their daily necessities.
  • Language Improvement: Working in an unskilled job in Italy can help you improve your language skills, particularly your Italian. Interactions with coworkers and customers on a daily basis provide real exposure to the language, increasing communication skills and enabling assimilation into the local community.
  • Cultural Immersion: Working in unskilled labor allows foreigners to get immersed in Italian culture. It allows you to learn about the work culture, traditions, and social dynamics in Italian society.
  • Integration and Networking: Working in unskilled jobs provides an opportunity to network with local inhabitants and fellow expats. This can lead to new friendships, a sense of community, and vital contacts for future possibilities or support.
  • Local Knowledge and Understanding: Through unskilled employment, immigrants get insight into Italians’ daily lives, habits, customs, and societal standards. Understanding local culture is essential for successful absorption into Italian society.
  • Skill Development: Unskilled professions frequently include simple duties, but they can also assist workers in developing soft skills such as time management, customer service, teamwork, and adaptability. These abilities are transportable and can be useful in future job efforts.
  • Pathway to Progression in a Career: Beginning in an unskilled career can serve as a stepping stone to more skilled ones in the future. It allows you to develop experience, demonstrate dependability, and potentially shift into higher-paying employment or pursue additional education or training.
  • Flexibility: Unskilled professions can provide flexibility in work hours and schedules, which can be advantageous for persons pursuing other goals such as education, language classes, or acquiring new skills.
  • Gateway to Residency or Citizenship: Depending on their circumstances, length of stay, and adherence to immigration regulations, certain individuals who begin in unskilled employment may eventually qualify for residency or citizenship through specialized pathways.

List of Unskilled Jobs in Italy

It is important to note that Marriott Careers is currently accepting applications from citizens of Italy and other countries for its available positions. These positions are accessible to individuals worldwide.


As the inaugural W Hotel to operate in Italy, W Rome is in need of a Stockroom Clerk. The Stockroom Clerk is responsible for the operation of the hotel’s stockrooms, whereas the Purchasing Manager is held responsible for the performance of the latter.


  • After receiving and staging items under the department, transport them to the corresponding department while appropriately labeling them for internal placement within the facility.
  • Furthermore, immediately load merchandise onto pallets or wagons upon receipt.
  • Fill out the requisition forms for the necessary supplies and inventory.
  • Additionally, promptly notify the manager or supervisor of any diminished stock levels.
  • In addition, ensure that perishable goods are stored properly, accept deliveries, and rotate your inventory.
  • Inspect the date and time of delivery and the case lots themselves to ensure that they are identical with regard to quality, freshness, sanitation, and consistency.
  • Refrain from accepting anything that is defective, inappropriate, or incorrect.


  • Prior experience with inventory management and/or stockroom management
  • Also, the Italian tongue
  • Additionally, knowledge of the operation of the hotel industry’s stockroom
  • Most importantly, dependability, initiative, a focus on the details, a positive outlook, an extroverted personality, and a dedication to serving clients.

Food and Beverage Attendant


  • Carry out all closing-related responsibilities, such as storing all reusable items, disassembling items, cleaning all equipment and areas, repositioning equipment to its designated locations, securing refrigerators, restocking supplies, turning off lights and doors, and completing the daily cleaning checklist.
  • Maintain, assemble, and stock the workstations.
  • Additionally, prior to use, ensure that all china, glass, and silver are immaculately spotless and in a presentable condition.
  • Additionally, ensure that the work areas are thoroughly cleansed after each task and adhere to clean-as-you-go procedures in order to preserve their cleanliness throughout the day.

Front Desk Agent


  • Coordinate the check-in process for each visitor by verifying their reservations, allocating them to a specific room, distributing their room key, and igniting it.
  • Pay the hotel and any additional charges with cash, checks, credit cards, debit cards, or debit cards.
  • Additionally, complete each check-out by paying any disputed or outstanding charges.
  • Additionally, receive, document, and manage all visitor calls, messages, requests, inquiries, and complaints.
  • In addition, maintenance is required to maintain close collaboration with you in order to determine which guest rooms are accessible for check-in.
  • It is imperative that visitors and guests are duly informed of the parking policies, and when necessary, personnel should be dispatched to provide valet parking and bell service.
  • In addition, provide visitors with information and instructions regarding the property and adjacent points of interest.
  • In a similar fashion, generate daily reports detailing the quantity of arrivals and departures, while also identifying any exceptional requests and validating the data’s accuracy.
  • Likewise, complete the cashier’s assigned duties and the closing reports in the computer system.
  • Likewise, cash traveler’s checks and visitor checks.

Service Desk Butler


  • Ensure that all visitor inquiries, complaints, requests, and calls are attended to, recorded, documented, and managed.
  • Calls should also be exchanged at the switching station.
  • Resolve unregistered guest calls, conference calls, wake-up calls, screening calls, “do not disturb” signals, call forwarding, and TDD relay calls to accommodate guest requests.
  • Additionally, ensure that transmitted, received, and written communications are legible and unambiguous.
  • Furthermore, depending on the circumstance, activate or deactivate the message lighting in the guest room.
  • Furthermore, furnish visitors with comprehensive instructions on internet usage and direct them to the designated customer support phone number in the event that they encounter any complications.
  • Aside from that, visitors with specific requirements should be given careful consideration.
  • Likewise, contact the relevant personnel or departments via telephone to attend to any concerns, inquiries, or requests that may be raised by visitors.
  • Maintain communication with visitors above all else to ensure that their questions and concerns have been satisfactorily addressed.

Bulgari Hotel Jobs – Roma


  • Maintain the property’s guest rooms, public areas, and employee areas clean and in good condition by supervising janitorial operations and personnel on a regular basis.
  • Additionally, collaborate with the team to ensure the successful completion of all housekeeping duties.
  • In addition to this, the department strives to improve staff and customer satisfaction while concurrently concentrating on enhancing its financial performance.
  • Furthermore, conduct evaluations in the areas that are within your sphere of influence and devise a plan to improve the results of those examinations.


  • A General Equivalency Diploma (GED) or high school diploma is required above all else, along with a minimum of three years of experience in maintenance or a closely related field.
  • Additionally, three years of maintenance or closely related professional experience are required.
  • Likewise, a degree from an accredited university consisting of a minimum of two years study in hotel and restaurant management, hospitality, business administration, or a closely related field.

Average salary for Unskilled Jobs in Italy

In Italy, neither a legally mandated minimum hourly wage nor a rate of compensation is applicable to laborers, as the nation itself lacks such provisions. Pay rates must be explicitly agreed upon with the employer via collective bargaining or another method in order to establish a fair living wage.

The national average gross salary in Italy is approximately €44,640 annually, or €3,720 monthly.

More Info

An extensive variety of menial occupations are accessible to individuals seeking employment in Italy. If you are seeking a career transition or evolution, these positions afford you the chance to commence work promptly, earn a substantial salary, and immerse yourself in the lively Italian culture. Investigate your options and begin your job search immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is the most difficult occupation in Italy?

    The majority of the time, candidates for these positions are required to hold a passport from Italy or the European Union. Healthcare professionals, IT specialists, engineers, educators, and skilled workers in the hospitality and tourism industries are currently in high demand in Italy.
    However, the requirements and procedures for obtaining a work visa may vary based on the nationality, qualifications, and job market conditions of the applicant.

  2. What Jobs Are Available to Foreigners in Italy?

    Foreigners can find employment in a wide variety of industries, but due to demand, some jobs are more popular than others. However, the most common unskilled jobs for foreigners in Italy are in hospitality and tourism, agriculture, cleaning, janitorial services, the construction industry, the food industry, hairdressing, retail, caregiving services, seasonal work, and artisanal work.

  3. Can I obtain employment in Italy without a visa?

    No, legal employment in Italy is not possible without a visa. Non-EU citizens are required to obtain a work visa in order to live and work in Italy. The work visa is typically issued to those who have a job offer from an Italian employer and meet the requirements for obtaining a work permit.

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