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US EB3 Work Visa Process 2024 – Visit Here

The US EB3 Visa may be the best option if you’re considering moving to the US permanently and beginning a new life there. Many EB-3 visas are awarded each year, enabling professionals, unskilled laborers, and skilled individuals from all over the world to live and work permanently in the United States.

We will describe the US EB3 Work Visa Process in this simple-to-follow tutorial. We will discuss who is eligible to apply, what paperwork is required, the application fee, and the reasons this visa could be a good fit for you.

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Understanding US EB3 Work Visa Process

Your path to permanent residency and employment in the United States is the EB3 Visa; however, there are certain requirements. You must, above all, have a full-time employment offer from a US company. Let’s examine the three EB3 Visa categories in more detail:

1. Skilled Workers EB3 Visa

You need to have at least two years of experience, training, or education that satisfies the job requirements to be eligible for the skilled worker EB3 visa. A legitimate work offer from a US business as well as a labor certification authorized by the Department of Labor USA are other requirements.

2. Professionals EB3 Visa

Professionals requesting an EB3 visa must certify that they have earned a bachelor’s degree in the United States or its equivalent in another country. Professionals need a legitimate job offer from a US business as well as labor certification permission from the Department of Labor USA, just like skilled workers do.

3. Unskilled Workers EB3 Visa

It is not necessary for unskilled workers, often known as “other workers,” to have two years of previous work experience. Rather, they ought to exhibit the capacity to carry out unskilled labor. A legitimate work offer from a US business and labor certification approval are other requirements for this category.

Benefits of US EB3 Work Visa Process

  • Employment Opportunities: The ability to work lawfully in the United States is one of the key benefits of the EB-3 Work Visa. It enables foreign nationals to find work in the United States and, in some situations, eventually become permanent residents (green card holders).
  • Permanent Residency Pathway: After completing specific requirements, visa holders in some EB-3 visa categories, such as EB-3 (skilled workers and professionals) and EB-3 (other workers), may apply for lawful permanent residency (a green card). This may result in long-term residence and employment permits in the United States.
  • Family Members: As derivative beneficiaries, EB-3 visa holders may be able to bring their immediate family members (spouses and unmarried children under 21) to the United States. These family members are also eligible for work authorization.
  • Job Security: Because the EB-3 visa category is often employer-sponsored, your U.S. employer has committed to hiring you. This can give you a feeling of employment security.
  • Wage Protection: Employers must pay EB-3 visa holders a wage that is equal to or more than the prevailing wage for the occupation in the specific geographic area. This helps to ensure that foreign workers are not exploited and are adequately compensated.
  • Job-based Immigration: Because the EB-3 visa category is part of the United States job-based immigration system, your employment skills and qualifications are important in acquiring the visa.
  • Access to the U.S. Labor Market: EB-3 visa holders have access to the huge U.S. labor market, which can provide a diverse range of job prospects and opportunities for promotion.
  • Ability to Change Employers: While the initial EB-3 visa is frequently job-specific, under certain situations, you may be able to change companies and keep your visa status.
  • No Investment Requirement: Unlike some other visa categories, the EB-3 does not require a major financial stake in the United States. Instead, it is mostly based on job sponsorship.
  • Path to Citizenship: If you become a permanent resident (green card holder) through the EB-3 visa, you may be entitled to petition for U.S. citizenship after meeting the relevant conditions and waiting for the appropriate term.

US EB3 Work Visa Process

Now that you are aware of the requirements for qualifying, let’s examine the processes in the application process for an EB3 visa:

Step 1: Labor Certification (By Employer)

The process starts when the Department of Labor approves your potential US employer’s labor certification.

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Step 2: File a Petition (By Employer)

Your employer files an immigrant petition for alien workers, Form I-140, on your behalf as soon as the labor certification is obtained.

Step 3: Immigrant Visa Application

The last step is to submit your online application for a US immigration visa, Form DS-260, after obtaining the labor certification and Form I-140 that have been accepted.

Step 4: Book an Appointment

Schedule a meeting at the US Embassy that is closest to you to continue with your visa application.

Step 5: Interview

Attend the interview with the embassy, where you will answer questions and submit all required paperwork. Following the interview, a decision will be made on your visa.

Documents Required for US EB3 Work Visa Process

You must have the following paperwork to guarantee a seamless application process:

  • A valid passport from outside the country that is at least six months old
  • and passport-sized photos that meet the criteria for a US visa.
  • Certificate of Birth.
  • documentation of academic qualifications.
  • record of tax payments.
  • employer’s job offer.
  • official identity from the government, such as a driver’s license.
  • a US Department of Labor labor certification.
  • forms filled out.
  • records of medical examinations.

EB3 Visa Costs

The expense of acquiring an EB3 visa is split equally between your company and yourself.

  • Immigrant petition filing costs: $700 (paid by the employer)
  • Application for Immigrant Visa (Form DS-260): $325 (Application Fee Paid by Applicant)
  • Required immunizations and a medical evaluation (costs vary)
  • See the Fees for Visa Services for the most recent fees associated with Department of State services.


In summary, for individuals wishing to get permanent residency in the US, the US EB3 Visa presents a viable option. You can open the door to a new life in the USA if you have the necessary credentials, have a legitimate work offer, and fully comprehend the application procedure. For additional information, visit the official US Department of State website and start living the American dream.

  1. What Are the Steps for EB3 Visa Processing?

    The EB-3 application procedure includes three essential steps: PERM Labor Certification, I-140 Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker, and The modification of a status application or, as an alternative, the application for an immigrant visa at a US consulate abroad

  2. Is an EB3 visa easy to get?

    The EB-3 visa is a third-preference employment-based green card that is available to skilled, professional, or other workers. Because EB-3 visa criteria are less severe than EB-1 and EB-2 standards, the waiting period can frequently be longer.

  3. How Long Does EB-3 Take to Process?

    The overall EB3 Green Card processing time may vary from 1 to 3 years. However, due to the annual visa cap, applicants from certain nations may have to wait up to six years. Your sponsor may reduce the processing time of your EB3 visa by paying an additional charge of $1,410.

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