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Carpenter Jobs in UK 2024 – Visa Sponsorship

We have an opening for an accomplished carpenter to join our team. You will construct, install, and repair structures and fixtures constructed of wood, plywood, and other materials as a carpenter. You will be tasked with the construction of both residential and commercial structures, among other things.

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Details of Carpenter Jobs in UK:

Job Title::Carpenter Jobs in UK 2024 – Visa Sponsorship
Job Type:Full-Time
Salary:£26,000 – £28,000 / year
Experience:3 Year
Career Level:Others
Job Location:United Kingdom

Benefits of Carpenter Jobs:

  • Precision and expertise: carpenters create high-quality, exquisitely crafted woodwork by paying close attention to every detail.
  • Job Security: Consistent demand for competent carpenters in the construction industry ensures job stability and security.
  • Ability Improvement: These positions allow for the development of advanced carpentry skills, such as intricate woodworking, trim installation, cabinet construction, and specialized work.
  • The creative process: In their designs and details, carpenters frequently have opportunities to be inventive and creative, allowing for artistic expression.
  • Multiple Projects: carpenters work on a variety of projects, including residential homes, commercial structures, and renovations, giving them a diverse range of responsibilities.
  • Financial Benefits: Due to their specialized expertise, skilled carpenters can command competitive pay.
  • Lack of dependence: Some carpenters are self-employed or freelancers, allowing them to determine their schedules and projects.
  • Client Contentment: Client-satisfying project completion can be personally rewarding and result in recurrent business and referrals.
  • Collaborative work: Frequently collaborating with electricians and plumbers, carpenters develop cooperation and communication skills.
  • Persistent Demand: work is always required to complete construction projects, guaranteeing a steady demand for carpenters.
  • Professional Development: There may be opportunities for career advancement for experienced carpenters, such as becoming a lead carpenter or supervisor or even starting their own carpentry business.
  • Innovation and Engineering: The construction industry is constantly adopting new tools and technologies, providing opportunities for education and adaptation to industry trends.
  • Satisfaction at Work: Creating aesthetically appealing and functional spaces can provide a sense of accomplishment and job satisfaction.
  • Physical Exercise: Carpenter jobs often involve physical labor and working with hand and power tools, contributing to a healthy and active lifestyle.
  • Heritage Conservation: Some carpenters contribute to the preservation of cultural heritage by working on restoration and historical preservation initiatives.
  • Environmental Consciousness: Sustainable building practices are becoming more prevalent, and carpenters can contribute to the implementation of these practices.


  • Shape, cut, and quantify plywood, timber, and additional materials.
  • Construct, install, and repair furniture, doors, windows, and cabinets, among other structures and fixtures.
  • Comply with building plans and blueprints to fulfill project specifications.
  • Examine and maintain equipment and instruments.
  • Collaborate with construction laborers, contractors, and fellow carpenters.
  • Ensure that the completion of all tasks adheres to the predetermined timetable and financial constraints.
  • Adhere to safety regulations and recommendations.


  • Two years of recommended expertise as a carpenter is required.
  • Proficient in operating carpentry apparatus and tools.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of carpentry materials and techniques.
  • Capable of deciphering structure designs and blueprints.
  • Detail-oriented and perfection-oriented.
  • Physical stamina and endurance.
  • Proficient in resolving problems.
  • Sponsorship for visas is accessible.

How To Apply For Carpenter Jobs in UK?

To be considered for new opportunities as an experienced carpenter, kindly submit your resume and portfolio [M.ali@sevenstarsservices.co.uk]. In addition to offering competitive compensation and benefits, we also sponsor visas. We eagerly anticipate receiving communication from you.

More Info

  1. Are carpenters in demand in the UK?

    Carpenters are generally considered to be a well-paid trade in the UK. This is mainly because skilled carpentry services are often in high demand, which means the earning potential for a carpenter is pretty good. As an apprentice, you’ll earn an average starting salary of around £11,700 per year.

  2. How much do carpenters get paid in the UK? 

     The average carpentry salary in the United Kingdom is £35,100 per year or £18 per hour. Entry-level positions start at £29,470 per year Entry-level experienced workers make up to £4year,0 per year.

  3. How can I work as a carpenter in the UK?

    To become a carpenter, you could work towards a Level 2 NVQ in Wood Occupations (Construction). 
    Complete a Level 2 Carpentry and Joinery Apprenticeship. 
    Specialist Applied Skills Programme (SAP): an 18-month-long new-entrant training program.

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