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Marketing Analyst Jobs in UK 2024 – Visa Sponsorship

Depop is a marketplace for fashion that the community has made possible for people to buy and sell circular fashion. It has more than 30 million registered members in 150 countries. Depop is an online marketplace that enables individuals to independently discover and showcase their style while also promoting a sense of satisfaction through the extended lifespan of millions of products.

Established in 2011, the organization maintains its headquarters in London, supplemented by branches in Manchester and New York. Depop is comprised of an estimated 400 individuals who are committed to establishing the most diversified progressive fashion house globally, with an added focus on social responsibility and environmental friendliness. Despite operating independently since 2021, when it became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Etsy, the global marketplace for unique and creative products, Depop remains a wholly-owned subsidiary.

Depop promotes equal employment opportunities. Our aim is to establish the most progressive and diverse fashion house on the globe. We encourage applicants from underrepresented populations to participate in this endeavor. Our organization places a high value on diversity and endeavors to foster an inclusive environment that benefits every employee.

We remain committed to refining our recruitment procedures to ensure fairness and would appreciate any practical modifications you may propose during your interview with us. Although Depop provides visa sponsorship, sponsorship opportunities may be restricted to particular positions and skill sets.

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Details of Marketing Analyst Jobs in UK:

Job Title:Marketing Analyst Jobs in UK 2024 – Visa Sponsorship
Job Type:Full-Time
Salary:£45,000 – £55,000 / year
Experience:5 Year
Qualification:Bachelor Degree
Career Level:Executive
Country:United Kingdom

Job Description:

An interim marketing analyst is required to provide support to the Insights team. Depop’s marketing portfolio is supported in its entirety by the marketing analytics team, which works in direct collaboration with marketing stakeholders. This entails providing support to the team in the areas of campaign planning, performance evaluation across multiple channels (e.g., TV and OOH), influencer marketing, and ATL (including paid marketing).

We also engage in collaborative efforts with various entities within the organization, including the Martech team to implement novel tools and monitoring mechanisms throughout our marketing ecosystem, and the data team to guarantee the accuracy and utility of the data collected for analysis.

Benefits of Marketing Analyst Jobs:

  • Making decisions using data: Marketing analysts inform marketing strategies and decisions with the help of data and analytics. Through the examination of consumer behavior, market trends, and campaign performance metrics, these professionals assist organizations in making well-informed decisions that optimize return on investment (ROI) and stimulate business expansion.
  • Insight Formation: Marketing analysts extract significant knowledge from data in order to influence pricing strategies, consumer segmentation, marketing campaigns, and product development. These insights enable businesses to more effectively comprehend their target audience and customize their marketing strategies accordingly.
  • Strategy Development: The contribution of marketing analysts to the formulation of marketing plans and strategies is vital. They evaluate potential market opportunities, recognize hazards from competitors, and suggest strategies to efficiently accomplish marketing objectives.
  • Performance Assessment: Marketing analysts assess the effectiveness of initiatives and campaigns. Through the monitoring of critical performance indicators (KPIs), including customer lifetime value (CLV), conversion rates, and customer acquisition cost (CAC), they are capable of evaluating the efficacy of their marketing initiatives and pinpointing problematic areas.
  • Market Analysis: Marketing analysts conduct market research to learn more about consumer preferences, trends, and the market environment. They gather and analyze data from a variety of sources, such as secondary research, surveys, and focus groups, to produce insights that inform marketing strategies and decision-making.
  • The utilization of predictive analytics: Market analysts use predictive analytics techniques to predict future trends, consumer behavior, and market demand. Through the utilization of data modeling, machine learning algorithms, and statistical analysis, they assist organizations in forecasting shifts in the market and making proactive modifications to their marketing strategies.
  • Collaboration Across Functions: Marketing analysts engage in collaborative efforts with multiple organizational departments, such as finance, product development, marketing, and sales. They promote team cohesion and harmony in pursuit of shared organizational objectives through the exchange of knowledge and data-driven suggestions.
  • Continuous Education: Data science and technological advancements constantly influence the field of marketing analytics, which is an ever-evolving discipline. Marketing analysts are afforded opportunities for ongoing education and professional growth to remain abreast of emerging methodologies, tools, and industry developments.
  • Professional Development: Proficient marketing analysts who possess solid domain knowledge and robust analytic capabilities are eligible for career progression. A progression into positions such as marketing consultant, business analyst, marketing manager, or data scientist is contingent upon their individual interests and professional aspirations.
  • Influential Work: Marketing analysts derive fulfillment from observing the tangible results that their efforts produce for organizations. Their provision of actionable insights and data-driven recommendations significantly contributes to the success and expansion of organizations.


  • You will collaborate with the marketing team as a strategic thinker to identify opportunities for development and optimization by utilizing a variety of data sources and analytical methods. This entails working in conjunction with fellow analysts within the team to develop and implement consistent and all-encompassing measurement protocols for intricate topics including return on investment, brand recognition, long-term value (LTV), incremental growth, audience segmentation and saturation, and more.
  • Setup and business-as-usual (BAU) support: Work with our marketing team to monitor performance and develop reports on our BI platform, Looker. You will work closely with other marketing analysts to ensure that our digital and brand marketing initiatives adhere to a unified approach to measurement.
  • You will assist our marketing teams in designing and testing campaigns, as well as analyzing performance to optimize results, in your capacity as a campaign supporter. Campaign analysis may consist of causal inference techniques, marketing mix modeling (MMM), and the establishment of geo-tests to track progress, although the specifics may differ.
  • You will collaborate with various stakeholders across the organization to ensure that decisions are grounded in data and serve as a primary point of contact for our marketing team and the broader business regarding matters about data. Most importantly, you will be responsible for ensuring that the business comprehends the numbers.


  • Proven track record as an analyst, including prior experience working in a mobile-first environment and/or digital marketplace.
  • Proficiency in marketing analytics, knowledge of measurement methodologies, and marketing concerns
  • An exceptional problem-solver with analytic abilities and a passion for statistics.
  • Effectiveness and impact require commercial acumen and a proactive stance.
  • Proficiency in SQL and the capacity to manage extensive, intricate, and at times fragmented datasets.
  • The ability to effectively communicate intricate issues and analyses to a diverse range of stakeholders while also serving as an intermediary between technical and non-technical peers.
  • Work experience with a data-driven analytics or data science team that achieved high performance
  • An insatiable desire to learn, an inherent inquisitiveness, and an astute attention to detail
  • The individual possesses a robust sense of ownership and a highly structured disposition.

Bonus points for:

  • Expertise in a variety of mass-reach marketing channels, including television, out-of-home, partnerships, SVOD/OTT, and knowledge of the measurement options and media planning process for these channels.
  • Expertise in assessing the effectiveness of brand marketing and ATL channels utilizing the following methodologies:
    • MMM
    • Geo Testing
    • Causal inference
  • Implementation of Econometric Modeling Techniques
  • Expertise with Python and R packages for initiatives involving marketing measurement, data science, and analytics
  • Proficiency in operating tools including Looker, Google Analytics, and Branch.

Additional Information:

UK Advantages: Mental and Physical Health

  • Bupa provides cash and PMI plans with healthcare access.
  • Subsidized counseling and coaching—in partnership with Selfspace, we offer you the chance to engage in a meaningful dialogue with an expert in the field.
  • Cycle to Work Scheme – For assistance obtaining a bicycle for your commute, choose between Evans and the Green Journey Initiative.
  • Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) members have access to a confidential network of supporters who offer expert guidance. Constantly available mental health first aiders are staff members who have received specialized training to offer guidance and referrals.

Work-Life Balance:

  • An annual leave of 25 days, with the possibility of carrying over an additional 5 days.
  • You will be granted one company-wide day off per quarter to decompress and relax.
  • Impact hours: Depop offers an annual allowance of two additional paid days of leave to all full-time employees for volunteering. We allow this time in hours to allow for straightforward and adaptable community interaction.

Flexible Working:

Our hybrid-working paradigm, MyMode, provides our staff with the flexibility to select the mode of operation that is most convenient for them. Three modes of operation comprise MyMode: remote, office-based, and flexible.

  • We prefer that you spend one day per week in person at the Depop office in your vicinity; however, you are free to conduct your work remotely on the remaining days.
  • Office: Would you like to spend more time in the office? You are free to opt for the “Office-Based” option and bring your workstation.
  • Depending on your position, you may be permitted to request the flexibility of working remotely four times per year.

Our facilities are all dog-friendly. Work diligently alongside your best companion.
You may also apply to work for four weeks annually in a UK tax treaty nation.

Family Life

The objective of our parental leave policies is to provide assistance and enable parents to assume equitable obligations in the flexible and gender-neutral upbringing of their children. Regular full-time staff members are eligible for eighteen weeks of paid parental leave after the delivery or adoption of their child. IVF leave shared parental leave, and compensated emergency parent or carer leave are also offered.

Learn and grow.

  • Funding for conferences, learning subscriptions, and other expenses is provided by us. In addition, we sponsor and coordinate a multitude of gatherings, conferences, and initiatives aimed at enhancing the experience of our staff and fostering their skill development.

Your Future

  • Three times one’s salary in monetary recompense through life insurance.
  • Depop will match contributions made towards a pension fund, up to 6% of qualified earnings.
  • Lastly, we waive all shipping costs for our employees who sell on Depop as loyal Depop employees, allowing you to ship your items to any location in the United Kingdom at no cost.

How To Apply For Marketing Analyst Jobs in UK?

If you wish to enroll, please visit the link provided.

More Info

  1. How do I become a market analyst in the UK?

    You can get into this job through:
    a university course.
    a college course.
    an apprenticeship.
    working towards this role.
    a graduate training scheme.
    specialist courses run by professional bodies.

  2. How much do marketing data analysts make in the UK?

    The average marketing data analyst salary in the United Kingdom is £37,940 per year or £19.46 per hour. Entry-level positions start at £32,094 per year, while most experienced workers make up to £52,500 per year.

  3. Are marketing analysts in demand?

    As data analytics and business insights become key components of organizational strategy, marketing analyst roles will be in high demand.

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