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Central Power Purchasing Agency CPPA Jobs in Islamabad 2024

The Central Power Purchasing Agency (CPPA) in Islamabad has recently published an advertisement for employment opportunities. CPPA was incorporated as an independent, non-profit organization by the 1984 company ordinance. The organization is engaged in the procurement of electric power on behalf of distribution companies, as well as the facilitation of competitive market development invoicing and settlement. CPPA is seeking talented and ambitious professionals to join its successful organization. We provide stimulating prospects and opportunities in a supportive work environment, accompanied by competitive market-based remuneration and supplementary benefits. These most recent government roles in Islamabad are open to applications from both men and women, and successful candidates will be granted employment in Pakistan upon completion of the application process.

Details About Central Power Purchasing Agency CPPA Jobs:

OrganizationCentral Power Purchasing Agency
AddressCentral Power Purchasing Agency, Islamabad

Benefits of Central Power Purchasing Agency CPPA Jobs:

  • Contribution to the Power Sector: Employment at CPPA affords the chance to make a meaningful impact on the power and energy sectors of Pakistan. Critical to the nation’s economic development, a dependable and efficient power supply could potentially be maintained with the assistance of employees.
  • Professional Development and Growth: Employment at CPPA may provide prospects for professional growth and advancement. Employees may be granted access to various skill development initiatives, seminars, and training programs that aim to augment their proficiency in the power sector.
  • Competitive Compensation: The CPPA, similar to numerous public and private entities, endeavors to both attract and retain highly skilled professionals. Employees may be provided with competitive compensation and benefits packages, which may comprise health insurance, retirement plans, and additional monetary incentives.
  • Job Security: Employment with a CPPA or another government-affiliated organization may afford a degree of job security. Government organizations frequently maintain consistent employment policies, which can provide employees with a career-oriented sense of security.
  • Opportunities for Networking: Employment at CPPA provides staff with the chance to establish a professional network within the electricity industry. Potential career advancement, collaboration, and the exchange of industry insights are all benefits of networking.
  • Industry Knowledge: CPPA employees are provided with opportunities to develop their understanding of the electricity market dynamics, the inner workings of the power sector, and regulatory frameworks. Proficiency in this industry can prove to be advantageous for professional advancement in the energy sector.
  • Contribution to National Development: By assuring a sufficient and stable power supply, the CPPA is instrumental in fostering the nation’s economic expansion. This initiative provides employees with the opportunity to contribute to national development objectives.
  • Stakeholder Collaboration: The CPPA engages in cooperative efforts with a multitude of stakeholders within the power sector, encompassing power producers, distribution corporations, and regulatory entities. Employees are afforded the chance to interact with a wide range of stakeholders, thereby cultivating an all-encompassing comprehension of the sector.
  • Professional background in power procurement: Employment opportunities at CPPA may entail responsibilities such as power procurement-related duties, power purchase agreement (PPA) negotiation, and power transaction management. Professionals with an interest in the complexities of power procurement may find this experience indispensable.
  • Government Benefits: CPPA employees may be eligible for government benefits, such as healthcare, pensions, and other privileges customary for public sector employment, due to the organization’s affiliation with the government.

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Name of Post:

  • Assistant Manager

How to Apply for Central Power Purchasing Agency CPPA Jobs:

  • For online deposit receipts and application forms, please visit the Open Testing Service (OTS) website at
  • The Open Testing Service shall not be liable for applications that are submitted via postal service or any other service and received late.
  • Manually transmitted applications will not be accepted.
  • In addition to submitting their prescribed application forms, candidates are required to enclose an online deposit receipt.

More Info

  1. What is CPPA G in Pakistan?

    The Central Power Purchasing Agency (CPPA-G) is a government-owned corporation established according to the Companies Ordinance of 1984 (the “GOP”).

  2. What is the role of CPPA?

    Central Power Purchasing Agency (CPPA) is charged with the acquisition of electricity from power facilities on behalf of Pakistani distribution companies. In addition, the CPPA must design and manage the wholesale electricity marketplace for the Pakistani power sector.

  3. What is the full form of Cppag?

    Central Power Purchasing Agency (Guarantee) Limited (CPPA-G) is a corporation established by the Companies Ordinance 1984 (XLVII of 1984). The Security Exchange Commission of Pakistan issued CPPA-G Corporate Universal Identification No. 0068608.

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