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Healthcare Assistant Jobs in UK 2024 – Visa Sponsorship

The incumbent will demonstrate adequate knowledge and understanding to carry out the duties delegated by the supervising nurse according to applicable protocols, guidelines, and policies. They will execute routine and specialized tasks in which they have received training and been deemed competent.

The incumbent performs the following as a member of the departmental staff, reporting to registered nurses for oversight:

  • Constantly contributes to the delivery of patient-centered care with a compassionate and competent demeanor.
  • Facilitates departmental structure.
  • Assist registered nurses in maintaining a secure and compassionate setting.
  • Oversee and assist in the training of personnel completing healthcare work experience placements.

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Details of Healthcare Assistant Jobs in UK:

Job Title:Healthcare Assistant Jobs in UK – Visa Sponsorship
Job Type:Full-Time
Salary:£22.800 – £24.300 / year
Experience:2 Year
Career Level:Executive
Country:United Kingdom

Main Duties, Tasks, and Abilities Required

  • Foster collaborative alliances and therapeutic exchanges by implementing secure, efficient, and inclusive communication practices that condone individual differences, capacities, and requirements.
  • Maintain exemplary communication and a high standard of personal conduct with all multidisciplinary team members, patients, caregivers, and family members.
  • Effectively communicate with patients and caregivers while considering the potential utility of various communication strategies. Make necessary arrangements for information, support, and other resources to be accessible in situations where comprehension is hindered, to facilitate effective communication. Respectfully and courteously greet all patients and visitors to the department, paying close attention to their body language and tone of voice.
  • To retrieve and document patient information in adherence to the trust’s documentation standards and operational procedures, utilize both paper and electronic methods.
  • Implement patient confidentiality and information governance principles throughout your entire professional endeavor.
  • Before undertaking any clinical intervention, obtain the patient’s verbal consent; if this is not given, inform a registered nurse.
  • Answer the phone, greet guests with courtesy and professionalism, and address their inquiries as required. Effectively communicate both written and verbal information to patients and colleagues.

About us.

We are recognized as a preeminent NHS Foundation Trust in the United Kingdom. To accomplish our mission of “Building Healthier Lives,” we are cognizant that we will need to employ personnel of the highest caliber.

Our commitment to our staff is to provide them with an optimal working environment. Furthermore, we are devoted to:

We invest in the health and well-being of our workforce by offering flexible work arrangements whenever feasible. In addition, we provide an extensive array of training and development opportunities to assist our staff in attaining their personal and professional objectives.

With a welcoming and inclusive environment, UHB is dedicated to ensuring that all of our employees are treated fairly and have a sense of belonging. The subject matter pertains to equal opportunity, the elimination of all obstacles (including prejudice), and the guarantee that every staff member realizes their utmost capabilities, accomplishes their objectives, and flourishes in their professional roles. This is not mere verbiage. We intend to take action. Our commitment to fostering an inclusive culture is pervasive throughout the organization, ensuring that all perspectives are valued. This is further supported by the Fairness Taskforce, which is overseen by our CEO, and our diverse and engaged staff networks. We cultivate a corporate environment that promotes the stance of employees against discriminatory conduct and empowers individuals to offer their complete selves to nurture a more inclusive, compassionate, and courageous setting for work.

Benefits of Healthcare Assistant Jobs:

  • Direct Care for Patients: Healthcare assistants (HCAs) frequently provide direct care and support to patients nearby. They can positively influence the lives of their patients through this direct interaction by assisting with activities of daily living, monitoring vital signs, and offering emotional support.
  • Diverse Places of Employment: Home healthcare aides (HCAs) are admissible to work in clinics, nursing homes, hospitals, and other healthcare settings. This diversity affords individuals the chance to acquire practical knowledge in various sectors of healthcare and identify the most appropriate professional setting.
  • Career advancement prospects: Numerous healthcare assistants progress in their professions within the industry by utilizing their positions as a stepping stone. Additionally, they may elect to pursue training and education to qualify as medical assistants, nurses, or other healthcare professionals.
  • Maintaining job stability: The overall stability of healthcare service demand contributes to the employment security of healthcare assistants. As the elderly population continues to grow and healthcare demands escalate, a continuous need for healthcare professionals at diverse levels persists.
  • Sophisticated work schedules: Healthcare facilities frequently operate round the clock, granting scheduling flexibility to healthcare assistants. Individuals who require work-life balance or prefer non-traditional work hours may find this arrangement advantageous.
  • Individual Satisfaction: Particularly in positions involving direct patient care, healthcare work can be personally rewarding. Healthcare assistants frequently derive satisfaction from assisting individuals, improving the health of patients, and effecting positive change in the lives of others.
  • Skill Enhancement: Healthcare assistants develop an extensive repertoire of competencies, encompassing problem-solving, empathy, communication, and medical expertise. Furthermore, not only are these abilities advantageous in their present positions, but they are also applicable to alternative healthcare fields or sectors.
  • Collaboration in Teams: Generally, healthcare assistants function as members of a larger healthcare team. By facilitating interaction with a diverse range of healthcare professionals, this collaborative setting promotes the development of collaboration and communication abilities.
  • Entrance-Level Prospects: Healthcare assistant positions frequently have entry-level qualifications that are comparatively modest, rendering them accessible to individuals with an interest in the healthcare field but lacking advanced degrees. Opportunities are created for individuals seeking to enter the healthcare industry.
  • Enhancement of Public Health: Through the provision of vital care and assistance, healthcare assistants make a significant contribution to the holistic welfare of communities. Their efforts contribute to the preservation and enhancement of public health outcomes through the provision of essential care and attention to individuals.

Job Description

  • Kindly refer to the appended Job Description for a comprehensive outline of the duties associated with this position.



  • Certification or evidence of successful completion of a program in health-related education and development.


  • Level 2 Functional Skills in Mathematics and English or GCSE



  • Prominent work experience as a Health Care Support Worker in a provider-led healthcare setting or an acute hospital
  • Work experience in a cross-agency and multidisciplinary environment.
  • Experiment with performing assigned duties after receiving training and demonstrating initiative
  • Proficient in a variety of clinical procedures and skills pertinent to the required area of practice.
  • Comprehending the fundamental concepts of mental capacity and protection.
  • Knowledge of Safety and Health Concerns
  • Demonstrates knowledge of the prescribed boundaries and domain of expertise within which the incumbent ought to operate, in addition to knowing when to solicit advice and assistance from others.
  • Willingness to acquire new competencies and broaden one’s scope of practice

Disclosure and Barring Service Check

The Rehabilitation of Offenders Act (Exceptions Order) 1975 governs this position and stipulates that a Disclosure application must be filed with the Disclosure and Barring Service (formerly CRB) to verify the absence of any prior criminal convictions.

Certificate of Sponsorship

Applicants who are seeking employment in the United Kingdom and require sponsorship as qualified workers are encouraged to apply and will be evaluated in the same manner as all other applicants. Please refer to the UK Visas and Immigration page for additional details.

Applicants for entry clearance into the United Kingdom as skilled workers were obligated to present a criminal record certificate from each country in which they had resided continuously or cumulatively for a minimum of 12 months over the preceding ten years, effective April 6, 2017. This stipulation is similarly applicable to adult dependents, which are defined as individuals aged 18 or older. Here, guidance is available for reference. Background investigations for criminal activity on international candidates.

How To Apply For Healthcare Assistant Jobs in UK?

If you wish to enroll, please visit the link provided.

More Info

  1. How do I become a healthcare assistant in the UK?

    There are no set entry requirements to become a healthcare assistant. Employers expect good literacy and numeracy and may ask for GCSEs (or equivalent) in English and math. They may ask for a healthcare qualification, such as a BTEC or NVQ. Employers expect you to have some experience in healthcare or care work.

  2. What is a healthcare assistant’s salary in the UK?

    The average healthcare assistant salary in the United Kingdom is £23,400 per year or £12 per hour. Entry-level positions start at £21,264 per year, while most experienced workers make up to £30,850 per year.

  3. What is a health assistant in the UK?

    What is the role of a healthcare assistant? Types of duties may include observing, monitoring, and recording patients’ conditions by taking temperatures, pulses, respirations, and weights. communication with patients, relatives, and caregivers

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