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CMH Jobs in Rawalpindi 2024 – Apply Now

CMH Rawalpindi is delighted to announce upcoming interviews for Post Graduate Traineeships in FCPS-II (Medicine & Allied) and FCPS-II (Surgery & Allied). The proactive physicians who are dedicated to attaining excellence and results are sought by these prestigious tertiary care hospitals, which collectively offer 1000 beds.

The selection commission will determine the placement of successful candidates at either CMH or PEMH Rawalpindi. Candidates who are sponsored by the government will be prioritized during the selection procedure. Civil trainees who are currently stationed at PEMH/CMH Rawalpindi are required to comply with the institutions’ service standards and regulations.

The hospital will not provide a salary to candidates who are sponsored by their respective organizations/departments. Instead, they are required to submit a No Objection Certificate (NOC), monthly pay receipts, and an appointment letter from their Department. The Commandant of PEMH/CMH Rawalpindi has the authority to terminate training without prior notice in the event of poor performance, incompetence, disciplinary issues, or dereliction of patient care.

Please be advised that there will be no travel allowance (TA/DA) provided for the interview. At the time of the examination, all applicants are required to present their original documents.

Details About CMH Jobs in Rawalpindi:

Job typeGovernment
Hiring OrganizationCMH
Job LocationRawalpindi
Education RequirementsMBBS
Salary OfferPKR 80,000- PKR 120,000
AddressCommandant Combine Military Hospital Rawalpindi Cantt, Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan

Benefits of CMH Jobs in Rawalpindi:

  • Job Security: The military and government’s affiliation with CMH jobs typically ensures high job security.
  • Competitive Compensation: Employees frequently receive competitive salaries and benefits packages, which include allowances for accommodation, healthcare, and education.
  • Career Advancement: CMH offers opportunities for career advancement, including pathways for professional development and training.
  • Healthcare Benefits: CMH’s emphasis on medical services enables employees and their families to obtain high-quality healthcare services at a reduced or no cost.
  • Pension and Retirement Benefits: Institutions that are associated with the military, such as CMH, typically provide retirement benefits and pension schemes that are appealing.
  • Work-Life Balance: CMH positions frequently include structured work hours, which facilitate the maintenance of a harmonious equilibrium between one’s professional and personal responsibilities.
  • Respect and Prestige: The association between the armed forces and healthcare in CMH is a source of respect and prestige within the community.
  • National Service Contribution: Employees may experience a sense of pride in their contributions to national service by providing healthcare services to military personnel and their families.

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Document Required:

Please ensure that the following documents are submitted to the respective training offices with your application by 1500 hours. Application forms may be obtained from the Training Office of PEMH/CMH Rawalpindi between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

  • Two passport-sized photographs and a curriculum vitae (CV)
  • Experience certificate (if applicable)
  • Certified National Identification Card (CNIC) copy
  • Two years of experience in General Medicine (essential for Nephrology, Pulmonology, and Medical Oncology)
  • Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (MBBS)
  • Comprehensive Marks Certificates (DMCs) for all professional examinations
  • Certificate of Registration for PMDC
  • Certificate for one-year employment in a residential setting
  • CPSP Letter of Congratulation (FCPS Part I)
  • Application to the Commandant of PEMH/CMH Rawalpindi (Typed, Printed, or Handwritten)
  • The original deposit receipt of Rs. 500/- in the designated account is non-refundable.

Training Office Contacts:

  • PEMH Rawalpindi: Phone: 051-9273487
  • CMH Rawalpindi (Basement Officers Tower): Phone: 051-9274964


CMH Jobs
CMH Jobs
  1. What types of positions are available at CMH Rawalpindi?

    CMH Rawalpindi provides a variety of positions in the healthcare sector, such as staff in administrative support roles, paramedics, nurses, and doctors.

  2. How can I apply for a job at CMH Rawalpindi?

    CMH Rawalpindi typically promotes employment openings on its official website, newspapers, and job portals. It is feasible for applicants to submit their applications in person or online, as specified in the job advertisement.

  3. What qualifications are required to work at CMH Rawalpindi?

    The specific qualifications are dependent upon the position. In general, medical positions demand applicable degrees and certifications, whereas administrative and support positions might require specific educational backgrounds or experience.

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