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Ministry of Commerce Jobs 2024 – Apply Now

2 Those with HEC-approved degrees in investment promotion, economics, commerce, business administration, commercial law, and international trade are encouraged to apply for the most recent Ministry of Commerce positions. It is an important cabinet-level ministry of the Pakistani government, responsible for managing the country’s financial affairs and budget through trading and the construction of development initiatives.

This ministry has recently posted a job advertisement in numerous prominent newspapers and on social media platforms. Those interested in seizing this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity are urged to enroll directly through our website.

Details of Ministry of Commerce Jobs

Organization Name:Ministry of Commerce Pakistan
Category:Ministry Jobs
Qualification:Minimum Graduate
Location:Islamabad & Across Pakistan

About Ministry of Commerce

On August 14, 1973, the Ministry of Commerce was established to govern and administer the development of commerce and economic growth in the country. It is a cabinet-level ministry responsible for the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

This ministry is comprised of several important departments, including the Pakistan Institute of Trade and Development, Trading Corporation of Pakistan, National Tariff Commission, Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design, National Insurance Company Limited, Directorate General of Trade Organizations, State Life Insurance Corporation, Pakistan Reinsurance Company, Pakistan Horticulture Development, and Export Company, among others.

This ministry’s mission is to provide more employment opportunities, higher wages, high living standards, and affordable, quality housing. This ministry’s primary objective is to attain a larger market by promoting import and export through improved commercial intelligence and trade diplomacy and by supervising, monitoring, and registering all Pakistani trading organizations in accordance with the Trading Law of 2007.

Benefits of Ministry of Commerce Jobs

  • Job Protection: Typically, government positions, including those in the Ministry of Commerce, offer a high level of job security. Civil servants are frequently shielded from arbitrary discharges and reductions.
  • Competitive Income: These positions typically offer competitive compensation packages that align with government pay schedules. With increased experience and seniority, salaries may increase.
  • Allowances and Advantages: Many government employees, including those in the Ministry of Commerce, receive allowances such as housing rent, medical, and travel.
  • Retirement and Pension Benefits: Frequently, government employees receive pension benefits, assuring retirement security.
  • Instruction and Professional Growth: The Ministry of Commerce can invest in the training and professional development of its employees, providing them with opportunities to increase their skills and knowledge.
  • Profession Advancement: Government organizations typically offer career advancement opportunities. You can advance through the ranks and assume positions with increased responsibilities and opportunities for leadership.
  • Work-life equilibrium: Typically, government positions offer a healthy work-life balance, with regular hours and paid time off.
  • Healthcare Advantages: Typically, government employees have access to comprehensive healthcare benefits, such as medical, dental, and vision insurance.
  • Contributing to the Development of Policy: Working in the Ministry of Commerce enables you to contribute to the development of trade and economic policies that can have a significant impact on the economy and international trade relationships of a country.
  • International Aspect: You may have the opportunity to interact with international trade partners and organizations, exposing you to international business practices and diplomacy, depending on your role.
  • Promoting Economic Development: Ministry of Commerce employees play a role in promoting domestic and international trade and economic growth, which can be personally and professionally rewarding.
  • Networking Possibilities: Government positions frequently provide networking opportunities with peers, industry professionals, and foreign diplomats.

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Available Ministry of Commerce Jobs

  • Trade Expert
  • Photo State Operator
  • Clerk
  • Chowkidar
  • Communication Specialist
  • Research Specialist
  • Legal Counsel
  • Engineer
  • Watchman
  • LDC
  • DMO
  • Digital Content Writer

How to Apply for Ministry of Commerce Jobs

  • Applicants who desire to apply for jobs at the Ministry of Commerce should adhere to the following guidelines: The “Apply Here” link will lead you to a list of job openings on this ministry’s official website,
  • Select the desired position, and then obtain the application form from the job advertisement.
  • You must complete the application by providing the requested information, such as Name, Date of Birth, Experience, etc.
  • Include the following attachments: A copy of the applicant’s academic transcripts, resume, CNIC, evidence of residence, etc.
  • Send the application via any courier service to the address listed in the job description.

More Info

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Who is the current minister of commerce?

    The Federal Minister for Commerce, Dr. Gohar Ejaz, has underscored the promising trade opportunity.

  2. What is the role of the Ministry of Commerce in Pakistan?

    The Ministry of Commerce is mandated to formulate and implement national trade policies aiming to contribute to the national economy by safeguarding and promoting Pakistan’s trade interests at the national and internal level through trade liberalization and facilitation, improving export competitiveness, and reducing costs.

  3. What are the benefits of the Ministry of Commerce?

    The Ministry of Commerce formulates and implements the national trade policies and contributes to the national economy by safeguarding and promoting Pakistan’s trade interests through trade liberalization and facilitation, improving export competitiveness, and reducing the cost of doing business.

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