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Public Sector Organization Jobs 2024 – Apply Now

Pakistani nationals are encouraged to apply for multiple open positions at a reputable public limited company located in Islamabad (PO Box 1244, GPO Islamabad Jobs with Public Sector Company). This organization provides contract work opportunities with competitive compensation packages based on the experience and credentials of the applicant. Both men and women are eligible to apply for the open positions.

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Details of Public Sector Organization Jobs

 Location:Islamabad, Pakistan
 Education:Master, MBBS, LLB, LLM
 Company:Public Sector Organization
 Address:P.O. Box No. 1244 GPO, Islamabad

Benefits of Public Sector Organization Jobs

  • Job Security: It is commonly believed that positions in the public sector are more secure than those in the private sector. Government agencies frequently require employees to provide essential services, which can translate to greater employment security.
  • Comparable Wages and Benefits: Typically, public sector workers receive competitive salaries and benefit packages. These packages typically consist of health insurance, retirement plans, paid time off, and other benefits.
  • Retirement Plans: Numerous organizations in the public sector provide defined-benefit pension plans, which guarantee retirement income based on years of service and compensation history. This can provide financial security.
  • Work-life equilibrium: Organizations in the public sector may offer flexible work hours, telecommuting options, and generous leave policies to promote work-life balance.
  • Profession Advancement: Typically, employment in the public sector offers well-defined career paths and opportunities for advancement. Employee advancement is frequently based on merit and experience.
  • Instruction and Advancement: Organizations in the public sector invest in the training and development of their employees. This may include opportunities for continued education and career development.
  • Satisfaction at Work: Numerous public sector positions are service-oriented, and employees frequently derive great satisfaction from contributing to the common good. This sense of purpose can increase job fulfillment.
  • Job Diversity: The roles and responsibilities of public sector organizations are diverse, ranging from healthcare and education to law enforcement and environmental protection. Within the same organization, this diversity can provide opportunities to explore various career paths.
  • Solid morals and values: Typically, organizations in the public sector adhere to high ethical standards and are committed to transparency and accountability. This can appeal to individuals who place value on these work-related principles.
  • Stability Throughout Economic Recessions: Jobs in the public sector may be less impacted by economic downturns than those in the private sector, as governments continue to provide essential services even during difficult economic times.
  • Access to Materials: Public sector organizations typically have access to substantial resources, which can be advantageous for research, projects, and initiatives requiring funding and support.
  • Job Safety for Specialized Positions: In disciplines such as healthcare, research, and environmental protection, public-sector employment can provide job security for specialized positions that may be scarce in the private sector.
  • Public Service Loan Cancellation: Public sector employees in some countries may be eligible for student loan forgiveness programs, which can alleviate the burden of student loan debt.

Vacant Positions:

  • Director of Public Relations
  • Director (Agribusiness)
  • Director (Integrated Health Service)
  • Director Education
  • Director IT
  • Director Law
  • Director of Testing Services

To fill the several open positions, the Islamabad Public Sector Company is currently accepting applications from highly qualified, committed, dynamic, and active people.

It provides nationals with contract-based employment opportunities. Those who are seeking employment at a reputable company in Islamabad must not pass up this chance.

The director of public relations, the director of agribusiness, the director of integrated health services, the director of law, the director of education, and the director of IT are all necessary for the organization.

The aforementioned posts are open to applications from candidates holding a Master’s degree, LLB, LLM, or MBBS, subject to the eligibility restrictions specified in the advertisement. Furthermore, prior expertise in a related discipline is also required.

The candidates need to adhere to the advice of experts. Only those who have been shortlisted and fully satisfy the standards will be contacted for the next appointment process. The vacancy notice specifies the upper age restriction. The applicable rules will give a maximum age limit relaxation.

How to Apply for Public Sector Organization Jobs

  • If you fit the requirements, send your resume and copies of all your school records to P.O. Box No. 1244 GPO, Islamabad. You may also email a copy of your resume to
  • There will be no admissible TA/DA.
  • There will only be a test and an interview for the shortlisted candidates.
  • Please make sure you submit your application within ten days of this advertisement being published.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What are the state-owned assets of Pakistan?

    The set includes NHA, Pakistan Railways, PIA, Pakistan Steel, five power sector DISCOs, and ZTBL (see Chart II). The top ten profit-making SOEs include six in the Oil and Gas sector, three in Power, and the National Bank of Pakistan (see Chart III), together generating net profits of Rs 294 billion.

  2. What is the public sector organization?

    An organization that the government owns or controls is a public-sector organization. Public sector organizations include schools, hospitals, libraries, and police and fire departments.

  3. What are the public sector organizations in Pakistan?

    Other non-corporate authorities are controlled by the federal and provincial governments, many of which have similar operations to corporations such as the Karachi Development Authority, Capital Development Authority, Lahore Development Authority, Water and Power Development Authority, etc.

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